The two-year-old dancer captivated the audience and judges with an incredible level of skill.

Instead of singing the song in the band’s original way, Josh stunned everyone with his own unique rendition.He misses his best friend who is in paradise and is envious at not being able to have pleasant times with him. Josh lives with his mother, his biggest supporter. Watching the video, it is clear that she is overcome with emotion and couldn’t be more proud of her wonderful son.

He was so overcome by the conclusion that he could barely talk. Simon Cowell has a reputation for being quite harsh and serious on television, which makes him an ideal judge for this type of show. However, with this performance, you get to witness Simon’s more emotional side, which no doubt surprised many.

It struck me that he couldn’t even provide comments at the end of the song because it had hit him so deeply that he couldn’t help but cry, which was unthinkable for Simon Cowell. However, like everyone else,

He is a person who, like everyone else, has emotions. I hope you appreciate Josh’s performance in the following video. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about it!

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