Watch How This Baby approves of mom’s new hair color in the cutest way

Babies are innocent, and their reactions are as endearing. When these small beings see something new for the first time, they tend to react fairly naively. A man recently captured his little son’s innocent reaction when he noticed something new in his mother. Auguste, the toddler, and his father, Collin, were waiting for his mother at the entrance. Auguste’s mother, Kristan, had gone to Jacquelyn Marie Hastings, a hair stylist, to have her hair colored for a Pravana contest.

Cute baby

When Auguste saw his mother get out of the automobile for the first time, he gave her a beautiful smile. But then he noticed something strange about his mother and stopped smiling.He took a closer look and noticed that his mother’s hair was a different hue. When this thought occurred to the toddler, he smiled as if he enjoyed the change. He quickly stood up and walked over to his mother with his hands spread, as if he wanted to touch her new hairstyle.

Kristan lifted up her son so he could see the new hair color up close. Collin inquired about the toddler’s thoughts on the new hair color. In response, Auguste grinned and appeared shy. He did, however, approve of the new hair color.For a brief while, Kristan worried that her son would cry.

Cute baby

Instead, she was pleasantly startled to see her son smile at her. Kristan also asked her spouse if he liked the hue, to which he said yes. The pair quickly returned home, where Kristan proudly revealed her new hair color to her kid. Auguste stared at his mother in admiration, occasionally flashing his cute and innocent smile.

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