Teen Daughter Leaves Mother in Favor of Cheating Father—Years Later, She Returns Begging

Marrying a wealthy man, whom she felt would be a godsend to her family, radically altered the direction of one woman’s life. In her Reddit post, she described the man’s kindness, including how he bought her parents costly gifts, covered her sister’s credit card obligations, and secured her brother well-paying employment at an acclaimed firm.Her in-laws admired her husband, who had remained faithful to her despite his infidelity, for his generosity and support during difficult times.

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Her first affair happened soon after their daughter, Kelly, was born. She sought advice from her loved ones as she mulled leaving her marriage. Despite their encouraging words, she was unable to make a decision and remained in the marriage. She convinced herself that her husband had cheated on her because she was unable to supply him with the ideal wife during her pregnancy. Kelly was about 12 years old when her husband cheated on her for the second time, years later.

This time, she was adamant about getting a divorce. However, her in-laws and family were opposed to the proposal since they did not want any scandal to bring shame to the family name. She reluctantly chose to divorce, but she and her in-laws failed to win custody of their daughter, Kelly. Despite receiving alimony and a reasonable settlement, the lady did not keep custody of Kelly in the end.

Her in-laws and parents encouraged her to believe that the woman was the antagonist, even though she made every effort to retain touch with her child. They portrayed her as unforgiving and unable to accept an apology from her ex-husband. Kelly had a definite belief that her mother was evil by the time she was a teenager. Tina, the woman’s best friend, was always there for her, offering continual encouragement and company.

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She doubts she would have lasted without Tina, who was both her confidante and her rock. Even though she agreed to pay for her daughter Kelly’s graduate school, the conditions were tough for the mother and daughter to reconcile over the years as she attempted to rebuild their relationship. Kelly had to give up her position as her mother’s heir in order to receive financial support from her mother, as indicated in her mother’s will.

Life, on the other hand, has a way of putting things back into balance. Kelly vowed to rebuild her life by earning an accounting degree and securing a well-paying job. However, the woman’s ex-husband, Kelly’s father, suffered a run of misfortunes, including a lawsuit and the loss of his job. He swiftly depleted his resources, which included the money set up for Kelly’s college tuition.

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Kelly changed her mind and wanted to reconnect with her mother after becoming financially independent and seeing how hard life is. The woman couldn’t help but wonder if her recent financial difficulties were the catalyst for the shift in attitude, especially since Kelly’s tuition was no longer guaranteed. Kelly had to give up her entitlement to receive money from her mother’s estate in exchange for the woman’s pledge to pay for Kelly’s graduate school.

Laura, the woman’s goddaughter whom she had come to regard as a daughter, was named the major beneficiary in her will. As a result of this decision, a family feud has erupted, which is not surprising.

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