After receiving a call from her daughter’s school, a mother gives a powerful lesson on respect.

Whether or not the following story is true, the moral is that we should always speak up for our families, even if the system appears to fail us and everyone we try to reach out to about our concerns falls on deaf ears, as one woman did. I work as an ER nurse. We are not permitted to carry our phones; they must be stored in our lockers. A private line call comes into hospital reception for me.

“This is (teacher) from (school) calling.” There was a mishap with (daughter). We require your presence.” “Is she ill or injured?” I inquire. “Can it wait until the end of my shift in two hours?” “Your daughter has hit another student,” says the phone. We’ve been attempting to contact you for 45 minutes. It is quite serious.” I arrive at school and am led into the principal’s office. My daughter, a male teacher, a female counselor, the principal, a boy with blood around his nose and a red face, and his parents are all present.

“How kind of you to FINALLY join us!” says the principal. “Yeah, things get hectic in the ER.” I spent the last hour providing almost 40 stitches to a seven-year-old boy who had been beaten with a metal ladle by his mother, and then I had to deal with the police. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.” He tells me what happened after I observe him attempt not to look ashamed.

My daughter had hit him in the face twice after he had twanged her bra. They seemed to be more upset with my daughter than with the male. Me: “Oh. And you want to know if I’m going to file charges against him for sexually assaulting my daughter, as well as the school for enabling it to happen?” When I mention sexual assault, they all become agitated and begin speaking at once.

Coach: “I don’t think it was that serious.” “Let’s not overreact,” says the counselor. “I think you’re missing the point.””Mrs. (my name),” says the principal. (Daughter) still beat another youngster, with all due respect.”Me: “No. She defended herself against a sexual assault by another student. Look at them; he’s a foot taller and twice as hefty as she is. How many times had she allowed him to touch her?

What should she have done if the person who was expected to support and safeguard her in a classroom couldn’t be bothered? He yanked on her bra so hard that it came undone.”
The boy’s mother is still sobbing, and his father appears both angry and humiliated. I can’t make eye contact with the teacher. I take a peek at the principal.”I’m taking her home,” I said. I believe the youngster has learned his lesson. And I pray this never happens again, not just to (daughter), but to any other girl at this school.

I was so enraged that I packed my daughter’s belongings and went. I reported it to the superintendent, who told me that it would be thoroughly investigated. This story demonstrates that a mother will go to any length to protect her child, and it serves as a poignant warning that being treated disrespectfully is never acceptable.

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