I Made My Elderly Parents Choose between Living in My Garage and a Nursing Home

When a woman agreed to have her parents move in with her, she discovered that they were dissatisfied with their living situation. She then forced them to choose between staying with her and going to a nursing home. A woman on Reddit revealed that she was a single widow living alone in her home after all of her children had left. She had transformed the remaining rooms in her five-bedroom house into offices and recreational spaces, so she only had two functioning bedrooms.

She knew she’d need a place for her children to stay when they came to visit, so she converted her garage into a guest home, complete with an own entrance. She informed her children that if they came to see her during the holidays, they would have to stay at the guest house. Her children immediately agreed; however, the plans were quickly altered when her parents requested assistance. Even though the woman had built the guest house with her children in mind, her parents asked if they might live with her.

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She consented to let them stay and even informed her children. She emphasized that she informed her children that their grandparents would be moving into the guest house and that if they wanted to stay over, they would have to stay in the house. The kids all agreed. When her parents’ relocation day arrived, the woman’s children arrived at her house to assist in relocating their grandparents into the garage.

Her children planned for one family to stay in a motel to make the situation more manageable. Her parents, on the other hand, were perplexed when the family began shifting their stuff into the garage. The woman emphasized that her parents would be residing there. She said: “They thought they could move into my house since I have five bedrooms.”The woman stated that she only had two bedrooms since the others had been turned into offices and hobby areas. The spare bedroom she had was mostly for her dogs.

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What Did the Woman’s Parents Have to Say About It? Her parents were upset when she informed them she hadn’t expected them to want to live in the house and had expected them to choose the garage area, which had its washroom and kitchen. Even though the guest house provided everything necessary for a happy life, the woman’s parents were unhappy and upset. She bemoaned:

“They said that they wanted to live in the house, not out in the garage like Fonzie.”The woman informed her parents that they would have no choice but to live in the garage. She then stated that they could either move into the room she had prepared for them or to another nursing facility.

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The woman was surprised to learn that her parents were furious since she lived in a private garage that was up to code and didn’t have to pay rent. She quickly received responses from other Reddit members who commiserated with her. One commenter said that the woman’s parents seemed spoiled and that if she let them live with her, they would own the house and she would never be able to get them out.

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