A 2-year-old girl aids in the recovery of an ill and dying shelter dog.

Scarlett was a Pit Bull who lived in an animal refuge in a cage. She shivered all the time, emitted a horrible odor from her body, and had a runny nose. Audra Spurio arrived at the shelter one day with her daughter Gigi, nicknamed G. She was looking for a canine companion for her daughter. Scarlett’s skin was irritated from mange, and her diseased large feet were infested with staph. The dying Pit Bull used to be left alone in her cage. Gigi pointed to the Pit Bull and said, “Mommy, that one.”

Toddler and shelter dog

The shelter had not named the sad puppy. Audra chose the name Scarlett. Gigi desired to devote her entire time to Scarlett at the animal shelter. She requested that her mother let the dog out since she required assistance. Scarlett was terrified and refused to walk when they tried to take her out. Gigi took the leash and was quite gentle with the dog. The young girl and the Pit Bull formed an unshakable relationship. The dog wouldn’t let Gigi leave her sight. They would explore the garden and go into the dog house together.

Toddler and shelter dog

Scarlett’s goopy eyes and runny nose would be wiped away with Gigi’s clothing. She kept looking at Audra and saying the dog was sick and needed care. Scarlett would also get hugs, kisses, and tummy rubs from the small child. The young lady couldn’t care less about how terrible the dog smelled. When they returned Scarlett to her cage, the poor puppy began to shake violently. Gigi, on the other hand, refused to leave her side.

Toddler and shelter dog

She continued informing her mother that the dog was unwell and in need of assistance. Audra finally decided to adopt Scarlett following Gigi’s continuous attempts. She began to feel much better once the Pit Bull arrived at her house. She would, however, never let Gigi out of her sight. They would rather play with balloons, sit in the back seat of the automobile, and share lollipops.

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