Butter Pecan Pound Cake

There is a time and place for pillowy desserts that are as light as air…and this is neither. This butter pecan pound cake is a dense yet tasty loaf that is equally excellent dipped in coffee in the morning as it is served as dessert. You may have thought you couldn’t take another slice, but once you saw this cake, there’s no stopping you; it’s simply too amazing.With five eggs and a cup of butter, it’s no surprise that this thing is dense! But being substantial does not imply being heavy.

The butter adds plenty of flavor – vital considering this is a butter pecan cake – as well as brown sugar for a deeper depth and more moisture to keep it from drying out. Add a tablespoon (yep, a tablespoon) of vanilla extract to that. A teaspoon won’t suffice here because you want the flavor to knock everyone’s socks off, and the vanilla complements the butter and pecans brilliantly. Finally, you’ll want to use buttermilk to keep things wet.

Buttermilk adds no flavor; it’s simply a fine substitute for yogurt or sour cream, and we appreciate the general smoothness it provides. This recipe provides the ideal flavor combination.One thing to keep in mind: because this cake is so dense, it will take some time to cook – but not too long! It’s difficult to tell when it’s done because the top tends to stay sticky, but you’ll want to bake it for about an hour, then remove it and cover it with foil to allow the heat to continue cooking the top. Regardless of when you serve it, everyone will be hooked…You should definitely simply commit to producing two batches!

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