Carrie Underwood and Son Sing an Adorably Angelic Version of “The Little Drummer Boy”

“The Little Drummer Boy” is a traditional holiday song. However, it took a decade for this traditional Czech song to gain popularity. Many famous vocalists have tried their hardest to breathe new life into it since then. This melody has been performed by singers ranging from Bing Crosby to Justin Bieber. Just when we thought we were done with rendition. Fans will be surprised by Carrie Underwood’s 2020 album.

Carrie Underwood with her son

The Country diva has no doubt wowed everyone with her previous albums, but this is guaranteed to get folks excited. The album’s eleventh track is a duet with her son Isaiah. The five-year-old is singing “The Little Drummer Boy.” Carrie admits that she was hesitant to work with her kid. However, once you hear him, you realize he did an excellent job. Furthermore, she believes her son bears a striking likeness to the boy in the narrative.

It will be released on December 25th. The album includes some Christmas classics as well as her unique song. Please listen to and appreciate this mother-son duet, and please share your thoughts in the Facebook comments. Don’t forget to click the SHARE BUTTON to share this video with your friends and family on Facebook.

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