How This Abandoned Building Mysteriously Shows Up on El Salvador Beach

A mystery wrecked mansion was discovered on a beach in Costa del Sol, El Salvador, recently, leaving travelers puzzled as to how it got there. A concrete villa is one of the last things you’d expect to find washed up on a tropical beach, but that’s precisely what beachgoers at the lovely La Puntilla Beach are treated to these days. It’s unclear how the abandoned house ended up on the popular beach, but it appears to have been there for a while because it’s plastered in what appears to be recent graffiti.

One of the most frequent claims is that the home was destroyed by a major hurricane over two decades ago in El Salvador. Cholopanza Vlogs, a Salvadoran TikTok user, publicized the abandoned home at La Puntilla Beach by filming himself exploring it and posting a more in-depth vlog about it on YouTube. Since the video went viral, people have started flocking to the wrecked villa.

Explorers on La Puntilla Beach clamber around the villa, wading knee-deep into the swirling waters of the Pacific Ocean to access the building

This decrepit structure’s history is steeped in mystery, but El Salvadoran newspaper La Prensa Grafica has shed some light on it, relying on reports from people living near La Puntilla Beach.The so-called villa was actually a hotel called Hotel Puerto Ventura roughly 28 years ago. The owners chose to build it many meters into the sandy beach to make it more enticing to tourists, but this proved a bad choice because it rendered it more vulnerable to the weather.

It’s unknown if the hotel was destroyed by Hurricane Mitch, which devastated El Salvador in 1998, causing extensive damage and killing over 9,000 people, or if it was simply destroyed by the approaching water and salty air. It was then used as the headquarters of a Christian church, which explains the big star of David on the ceiling of the first floor, but as the structure deteriorated, it was abandoned once again.

A spotlight fell on the eerie half-sunken property in July when a Salvadoran YouTuber named Cholopanza filmed himself investigating it

“They built too deep into the beach, that’s what happened,” one local fisherman said of the hotel’s catastrophic demise. “Before, official permission was not requested to build, and that is what happened, they went too far.” The damaged structure is still on the beach today, leaning against the sand right where the waves battered it. The water recedes in the morning, making it more accessible, but it returns with a force in the afternoon, flooding the area and forming pools of water.

A local fisherman, Oscar Valencia, said: 'They built too deep into the beach, that's what happened'

But that doesn’t stop tourists from exploring it. Despite the evident deteriorating danger and enormous gaps in the walls, adrenaline addicts wander inside the abandoned tower, and some even ascend to the top floor to take selfies and gain a better perspective. Locals, on the other hand, are wary, with some saying that they have never gone near it because they are afraid.

Coralia Sotelo, a local, told La Prensa Grafica that kids in the area have told her that at night they see a very tall black man loitering around the decrepit structure, which is why she stays away.

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