When Mom noticed her son struggling to pay his rent, she purchased a backyard tiny house to assist him. Take a look inside

Moms are always there for their kids when things get tough. They help with homework, listen when things get tough, give a big hug, and even build a tiny house in the garden if they see their kid having trouble paying the rent. Meet Majbritt Rayas, a 46-year-old woman from Austin, Texas. Her maternal instincts kicked in when she saw her 20-year-old son Daniel struggling with the never-ending problems of making rent and balancing college classes.

Majbritt and Daniel Rayas.

Business Insider says Daniel was driven but had a hard time making ends meet. He shared a small two-bedroom apartment in Cedar Park with three other people and worked nonstop at odd jobs to make ends meet.He had a hard time focusing on his schoolwork because he had to balance work and study so carefully. Daniel told her, “I wasn’t really able to make ends meet efficiently. Moving back home was just out of necessity.”

Front view of Daniel's backyard tiny home showing the main door and a small window.

As a touching example of unwavering parental love, Majbritt chose to do something about it herself and set out to give her son the help he needed so badly. Her choice was the same as the money she would have given Daniel if he had been going to school out of state. This shows that a mother’s love has no limits. Majbritt spent $14,000.00 on a tiny house that they planned to put in their garden.A family friend who had a fully finished but unused tiny home gave the Rayases the idea for this project.

Daniel's bedroom with large, comfy bed with brown and black stripes bed sheet and black pillows, a window and a bedside cabinet.

In August 2021, they jumped at the chance to turn it into a cozy home with the help of Daniel’s grandfather, a skilled Danish builder. In its early stages, the 256-square-foot room was what Majbritt lovingly called “a little DIY.”Majbritt and her husband Stew Kenly invested an extra $8,000 and worked hard to make major improvements to their home.The goal was to make sure that Daniel could live in the tiny house in the backyard and that it was also a very nice place for him.

Bathroom at Daniel's backyard tiny home with sink, toilet and a sliding door.

The plumbing and air conditioning were improved, and the loft area was made bigger. This created a cozy home with a lofted bed, a desk, a kitchenette, and a place for friends to hang out.Even though the tiny house in the garden didn’t have a full kitchen, so Daniel had to “voyage to the main house” to make meals, it gave him something very important: a safe place to be.

The backyard tiny home's old white paint is now covered with fresh gray paint.

He felt so much better that he said, “I could take a deep breath and just really figure out what I’m doing for myself.” Majbritt knew it was important to give her son space, so she planned for family dinners once a week as a way for them to spend time together. Daniel liked how quiet it was and didn’t have to worry about bothering other people when he got home late from working at a restaurant. Majbritt looked into the future and saw a new chapter for the tiny house in the backyard: it would become an Airbnb when Daniel moved on to the next part of his trip.

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