Olive Salad

I first tried the famous muffuletta sandwich when I went to New Orleans not long ago. This is a specialty in the area that you should try. It’s a rich and tasty sandwich made with provolone cheese, thinly sliced Italian cold cuts, and homemade olive salad. Several friends told me I had to try it when I was in New Orleans, and they were right. I love olives so much that I knew right away that I had to make the Olive Salad spread at home!

I was happy to find that Olive Salad’s ideas were not hard to find. A lot of people say they can make the famous Central Grocery spread, which is where the Muffeletta is said to have been created for the first time. That sounded like the most hopeful recipe, so I used those as a guide for my own. It’s not hard at all to make the salad. Get the olives, pickled vegetables, a fresh lemon, and some other spices.

Then, use a food processor to mix everything. The mix will chop up quickly because the ingredients are pretty soft, so keep an eye on it! The texture should be like small pieces of meat, but not like a paste. It’s hard to go wrong with this Olive Salad on Muffaletta sandwiches, but it’s also great with cheese and bread. So that all the flavors can mix, the salad tastes best the day after you make it. It’s tough to wait, but it will be worth it in the end!

Olive Salad 10-min

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