Arkansas Possum Pie

The name ‘Arkansas Possum Pie’ may frighten you, but don’t worry, it doesn’t contain any genuine possum. Rather, some believe the term stems from the fact that the pie is trying to be something it isn’t – playing possum if you will – by concealing a delectable layer of chocolate beneath a generous covering of whipped cream. (A delightfully crispy shortbread pecan crust awaits you beneath those two layers!)

As previously said, this begins with a pecan shortbread crust. It essentially tastes like cookies and is really simple to make. Simply push it into your pie dish and bake it for a few minutes while you work on the remaining layers.

The first layer is a silky cream cheese layer, followed by a generous coating of whipped cream. It doesn’t hurt to top with pecans and chocolate shavings.There’s no more baking required; simply chill it until it hardens before digging into three creamy and delectable layers of sweetness. (Not to mention the crispy pecan cookie crust!) It’s an unmissable combination.

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