A woman, u/expensive_concept152, revealed her harrowing story on Reddit’s r/TrueOffMyChest community. She described how her ex-husband had abandoned her for her 19-year-old sister.
After six years, the ex-husband attempted to contact her via email, but she had already begun her new life, away from that horrible man.The original poster, OP, wrote that she met her ex-husband, Dan, in a restaurant 15 years ago while celebrating her 18th birthday.

“He was really nice, charming, and mature,” she said. He made me feel special and appreciated.” She described her family’s unhealthy relationship, in which her parents were frequently bickering. Her father would sometimes leave and not return for months. When her sister, Abby, was born, he died. OP revealed that her mother was more fond of her sister because she was more sensitive to her needs, and she felt that something was missing in her behavior with OP because of the way she dealt with her sister, Abby.

As soon as the OP met Dan, she felt complete. She had found the person with whom she would die. He was encouraging, compassionate, and loving. After four years of dating, they married. OP explained that Dan had assisted her in completing her master’s degree and in establishing her business career. Dan advised them to postpone having children until they were financially secure. OP discovered Dan was cheating on her with her sister, Abby, after five years of marriage.

She discovered he was in town, at a hotel, after he stated that he needed to leave town for a business conference and to have sex with her sister, Abby. OP mentioned that she was heartbroken. She adored both her sister and her husband. She confronted her husband, questioning how he could cheat on her with her 19-year-old sister. Dan remarked that he no longer loves her since she does not give him the attention he desires. He stated that she is no longer the same girl she once loved.

Unfortunately, she discovered she was pregnant during that time. She miscarried as a result of her stress and anxiety. Dan, according to the OP, did not even visit her when she lost their kid since he was on vacation with her sister. OP mentioned that her sister was constantly touchy with her spouse and that they would sometimes gaze at each other. She said that she should have known better. And her mother had backed Abby up, telling OP that she should leave.

OP was suicidal since she had lost both her husband and her baby in a short period of time and was all alone. Tina, her buddy, took her as she assisted her in moving to another state.She met new individuals, including her husband, Tony, after moving to a distant state. She met with him a year after her relocation. She stated that he is a trustworthy and kind man whom she adores.

She is also pregnant with Tony’s child, as they married a year after meeting. She went on to say that Dan had emailed her, which she had discovered. When she saw the mail, she became distressed once more. Dan had claimed that he missed her and had attempted to locate her but had been unsuccessful. He was sorry for cheating her with her sister. Then he said Abby had cheated him with his cousin. Dan expressed his sadness and indicated that he will divorce Abby in order to return to the OP.

OP stated that she only has one social media account, which is her personal Instagram account. So it’s natural for Dan to believe she’s not married. She added that she has no plans to change her life because she is in a wonderful relationship with her spouse and is expecting her baby.

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