Men, too, desire love. They Want To Hear These 6 Things From The Lady They Truly Admire

Some things men prefer to hear, but not all women are aware of this, which is why some men feel disrespected because their women are not expressing the correct words. As a result, if you’re a women who isn’t sure what guys want to hear, this article will teach you the appropriate things to say to a guy.1. “I support you in everything you decide” Feeling supported by the people we care about gives us the strength to confront all of life’s issues and problems.

Make him feel supported and that you will always be there for him, no matter what 2. “I trust you”. When a man is depressed and unmotivated, he requires words of encouragement to lift his spirits. If you’re a sensitive lady, you can say to him, “I trust you.” Hearing those remarks would mean a lot to him and instill confidence in him. Guys enjoy having their egos stroked, and hearing those words makes them value the woman even more. It’s also something guys want to hear in text messages.

3. “I respect you”. Respect, both for oneself and for the other person, is a crucial pillar in any relationship. Respect his decisions, tastes, friends, family, and way of life… He will respect you if you respect everything around him. 4. “I’m proud of you”. Hearing his favorite women or female friends express how proud they arootingre of him is one of the many things that boosts a guy’s ego.

This statement is frequently said following an accomplishment, and it pushes the individual to do even more because he knows people are for him. 5. “You can trust me”. Trust is mutual, and trust must exist on both sides of a relationship. If you give him assurance with your words, you will make the process of trust easier. 6. “How handsome you are today”.

We love it when people compliment us on how gorgeous we are, especially after we’ve spent two hours doing make-up, arranging our hair, and trying on our complete wardrobe… Even if they haven’t put in as much effort as you have, the fact that you’ve decided to wear something other than a cowboy and a t-shirt deserves recognition. So go ahead and do it! Because you will brighten her day and provide her with the motivation she needs to get ready for tomorrow.1

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