“My daughter and her family are asking to live with me. I will accept with my granddaughter and let my son-in-law live wherever he wants.”

My daughter is having problems again, and she wants to live with her family at my house. I’ll accept her, but I’m not looking forward to seeing my son-in-law, especially at home. We shared a house once, and that was enough for me. He has no idea how to act or make a living; let him live wherever he likes. Despite advise to the contrary, Lyuba married at the age of twenty. Her spouse was unemployed, and she was still a student. But she was head over heels in love and didn’t listen to anyone. She stated that her beloved was in paradise. Her husband resided in a hostel with his mother, stepfather, and younger sister, and the “hut” she indicated was a room in a hostel. He planned to bring his wife as well.

Except that they were piled on top of each other in that chamber, I couldn’t figure out how they all fit in there. What happened to the other person? I reluctantly suggested that the young couple stay with me while my daughter completed her education. I was unsure about the salary of my son-in-law. However, the proud son-in-law claimed that he did not want to reside on his mother-in-law’s property. He offered to have them stay with his relatives for a few months before renting an apartment.

“So I would live at home while he earns money for an apartment,” I told my daughter. “But what kind of wife would I be if I agreed to spend all of my time with my husband in joy and comfort?” “It’s not a family,” my daughter said, and I shrugged. She had been obstinate since childhood, and then came “great love.” They spent roughly six months with their parents. Because the stepfather drinks, every day is “entertainment.”

The mother-in-law doesn’t appear to drink, but even when she isn’t, she is pretty unpleasant, ranting all the time. I have no idea how my kid put up with this for so long. Six months later, the son-in-law was still earning enough money to live in a separate apartment. Purchasing was not an option. His pay was minimal because he worked as an appliance store salesperson. I dressed and fed my daughter, who was still in school.

Lyuba wanted to take a correspondence course to assist her husband, but I refused. She had already spent so much money on her studies that it would be ridiculous to take the remaining courses part-time. “Don’t rush with children,” I pleaded with my daughter. “Your husband is barely making ends meet, and with a child, you’ll drown even more.” “Don’t exaggerate; millions of people live in poverty and manage to get by,” my daughter grumbled.

“Exactly, somehow, but I don’t want you to live like that,” I said again, but my daughter rolled her eyes and changed the subject. She promptly found work. The income was modest, but expecting more fresh out of university was impractical. I tried to help as much as I could, sometimes by donating money, buying food, or buying clothes for her. Lyuba didn’t sit still; she moved on to a better location. But the son-in-law was satisfied with his situation.

When asked about shifting jobs, he said it was best not to look right now because there is a crisis. “Everything is interconnected, and if you don’t have connections, no one will hire you,” he said. Even if he had connections, I doubt he would have been hired for his laziness. My daughter was already working for a respectable wage three years after graduating from university. She had been there for a little over a year. She was given a vacant job, but over time, she became more involved at work, moved to another department, and even received a promotion. She began to make more money.

Working in his store, the son-in-law proceeded in the same manner. There, the entire crew had already changed three times—people had left for better-paying positions, but we had all stayed.”Yes, where am I going?” Everything now pays very little. “Lyubka just happened to be lucky, and in general, it’s easier for a woman to settle down; her requirements are lower,” he explained.

My kid continued to see him through rose-colored glasses, despite the fact that I was bored of him. My daughter didn’t notify me when my son-in-law was eventually fired; she hid it until the end, but everything came out. Her husband was not eager to locate a new work. “Well, then, where should I go?” What about the loaders? I’ll harm my health for a buck! No, I’ll find something better,” he scoffed at the offer to work anyplace.

My daughter did not rush him and dragged me up so as not to put any pressure on her dear hubby. He was going through a difficult period. My daughter becomes pregnant during this protracted tough phase, which lasts six months. Despite the fact that her tummy was obvious, I was the last to know. I was going to question, “Where is your child; you can barely survive yourself.”

“Abortion, according to my husband, is a sin.” We’ll make it; don’t worry; he’s already got work,” she said. It’s weird to hear about sin from someone who breaks the majority of the commandments. The righteous have risen! However, there was nothing that could be done. My daughter went on maternity leave, and it turned out that my son-in-law’s new job didn’t even cover the rent.There wasn’t much work, and there was a Sabbath every now and then.

As a result, they were unable to pay for the flat, and my daughter requested me to house them temporarily. Even though I didn’t want to see my son-in-law, I took a step forward and agreed. We were just living together for three months. My son-in-law went to work, and my daughter had already given birth. Renting an apartment was out of the question. Even though I didn’t charge them for food or utilities, they had no money.

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