My Mother-in-Law Insists That I Cover the Entire Bill . The reason is Shocking

During a family dinner, a slim woman with a voracious appetite was chastised and reprimanded by her mother-in-law for overeating. At the demand of her mother-in-law, the woman refused to pay the entire bill. Individuals differ in terms of their metabolism, way of life, and overall health. Even if some people are thinner than others, this does not imply that they consume less.

Receiving judgment from others is unavoidable, regardless of size or weight. Unfortunately, this was one woman’s relationship with her mother-in-law. Things quickly got out of hand when she immediately began consuming substantially more than she normally would when dining with her husband’s family.An anonymous 27-year-old lady sought guidance from the Reddit community after sharing her story. She mentioned that she came from a family of people who have rapid metabolisms.

Her job with horses also demands her to move a lot and burn a lot of calories. She does, however, eat large meals to replenish her energy and power herself for work. Nonetheless, her figure remains tiny for reasons beyond her control.The woman did not express any concerns about her size. She did, however, confess that her mother-in-law frequently monitored her food consumption. At the time of their marriage, the woman had been married for four years to a guy she had known for nearly six years.

Unfortunately, her connection with her mother-in-law is strained.The woman’s in-laws asked her and her husband to supper one evening. The woman was starving by the time nightfall arrived. Due to her hectic schedule, her last meal was about six a.m., with no snacks in between. She normally gets a bite before seeing her mother-in-law to avoid hearing criticisms, but she didn’t have the opportunity this time.

Because of her appetite, the woman ordered a steak for two people to split. It also included prawns, bacon, and two side dishes. While it was a two-person dinner, it was not the most expensive item on the menu. The woman also knew she and her husband would split the bill, so she had no reservations about ordering it.”My MIL started making comments [about] how I shouldn’t be ordering what I can’t eat since even her husband wouldn’t be able to finish the dish, let alone someone my size,” the woman went on to say.

She simply smiled and stated that if there were any leftovers, she would take them home. Because she was hungry, the woman quickly finished her meal and waited for dessert. Her mother-in-law became enraged at this point, claiming the woman was “putting on a show” and seeking attention. The mother-in-law claimed that a woman her size shouldn’t eat so much and that her activities made the other guests at the table uncomfortable.

She then requested that her son and daughter-in-law pay the entire cost because she did not want to spend as much money. The woman narrated:” I said we are absolutely not covering the entire bill since it was meant to be split equally and reminded her of the dishes she ordered, that were significantly more expensive compared to my steak (including her starter).”

While the dinner did not go well, the woman’s husband supported her and understood her point of view. His relatives, on the other hand, would drop signals through social media posts and send the woman articles about binge eating.” People who supported the woman commented on her Reddit post in droves. Someone even hoped that the woman would finish her steak while looking her mother-in-law in the eyes.

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