I’m heavily pregnant but my fiancé is ditching me on Christmas to go on vacation with his family.

The holiday season, which is generally a time of warmth and joy, has taken on a new meaning for one woman, who turned to Reddit for guidance on what to do in her position. The 31-year-old woman revealed on the popular ‘Am I the A*****e’ forum that she and her 31-year-old fiancé were expecting their first child at the end of the year, with a December 30th due date.

Everything had been going swimmingly until the woman’s fiancé dropped a bombshell: despite the pair’s agreement not to go, he would be going on his family’s customary Christmas holiday to Florida. Her fiancé had not only taken her off guard by breaking their agreement and booking tickets to Florida, but he also believed it would be a good idea to go alone. The journey to Florida will continue from December 15th to December 28th, with the fiancé returning home just two days before the woman’s due date.

“He agreed not to go this year because of the baby, but his family is insisting that he go and return on the 28th, which is ‘ample time before the baby is due,'” she stated in her post. So he got a ticket for the 15th-28th of December. He explains that his parents want him there, and his siblings will be there as well.”

The woman expressed concern about going into labor alone, adding, “I know pregnancies are unpredictable, especially in the last trimester, and if anything happens leading up to the due date, I need him there.”

She also stated that the possibility of spending Christmas alone is a minor one, but it still bothers her. “He’s spent every Christmas in Florida since he was 15 years old, and there will be many more trips after the baby is born.” “I’m not sure why he has to go THIS YEAR,” she continued.

“Every time I bring it up, it leads to a very uncomfortable fight about my expectations for him to prioritize me over his parents.” “I don’t even bring it up anymore,” she said in her posts. “His parents have always been kind to me but they also don’t see any problem so I think I’m going crazy?”

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