Amazing Taco Casserole

What’s even better than taco night? We’ll explain. It’s taco night without the effort of assembling everything separately. Taco shells with crumbs? No, we’re OK. Taco meat that gets cold by the third taco? (Because, obviously, you need at least three, and that’s exactly what occurs.) Uh, no. We combined all of the elements of our favorite weeknight meal, taco night, into a substantial casserole. You’re very welcome!

The only difference between these and traditional tacos is that we used biscuit mix instead of tacos or tortillas. If we had used tortilla chips or genuine taco shells, they would have become soggy as we placed all of our yummy additional goodies on top. We discovered that biscuit dough was a fantastic compromise since it settles into the beef a little and its solidity allows you to layer any other toppings you want on top! There’s no need to hold back here; go ahead and make this the taco casserole of your dreams.

We kept it simple with sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, and cheese, and wow is it wonderful. You could put the cheese, tomatoes, and olives first, then top with lettuce and sour cream to slightly melt the cheese, but we like how it looks and tastes the way we did it, so we’re sticking with it! You’ve got a beautiful taco portioned out with every spoonful of your seasoned meat, substantial biscuit, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, and cheese – what else could you want? Nothing!

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