I saw a message that said “Hi Love” on my mom’s laptop by accident, but it wasn’t from my dad.

A daughter of 17 years found out that her mother had been cheating on her with her friend’s father. She finally told her dad about the cheating because she couldn’t stand it anymore. She knew it could cause problems in the family.A teen borrowed her mom’s computer to do her schoolwork when her own broke. While she was doing her study, a message on her tablet said, “Hi, love.”

The girl later wrote about her problem on Reddit. When she opened the message, she thought it was from her father but it was actually from someone else. She was shocked but still interested, so she read through the message thread, which went back a year. It also had pictures and movies that made her feel very sick. The girl’s heart broke when she found out her mom had been cheating on her dad.

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She knew her dad was a good man. He would treat his wife well, plan dates, and help with chores around the house. What made things even worse was that the man her mom was seeing was a friend of the original poster (OP). The girl had time to think about what she would do because her dad wasn’t in town that day. She called her 24-year-old brother for help after copying the notes, photos, and videos.

He was shocked, but he kept his cool and went to see his sister.The brother felt the same way and couldn’t look at all the proof. When their dad got home, they showed him right away. The girl told the story: “After about five minutes of reading everything, he started to feel sick and threw up.” He said no when I asked him if he knew this or if they had some kind of deal

When the daughter asked if she should tell her friend’s mom, her dad called the friend’s mom over to their house. The friend’s mom cried even though she thought her husband was cheating on her. She was also shocked to find out that her husband was seeing someone else. When the friend’s mom got home, she looked through her husband’s things and found proof of the affair. But she learned that he was seeing someone else at the same time.

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Exactly What the Mom Did When Her Husband Confronted Her Soon, the OP’s mother got there and was told the truth. In the end, she told the truth and cried after denying everything. She said she wasn’t going to hurt anyone and that her husband was the only man she truly loved. She also said that the affair didn’t bother her. She told her husband that she would do anything to prove herself and save their marriage.

But the problem wasn’t one that was simple to fix. The man got his things together and left with his son and daughter, who both offered to go with him.They went to see the teen’s uncle, and the dad cried the whole night. The mother called her daughter the next day to talk. The teen didn’t want to go, but her brother made her.But her daughter couldn’t find the words to forgive her even though her mother tried to explain herself.

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The daughter said she told her dad about the affair and then told her mom not to come to her birthday party or graduation. It’s already been talked over with his lawyer. It was interesting to see how different people on Reddit responded to the teen’s story. Some people thought it was great that the girl told her dad, but others didn’t like the story.

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