This woman finds out that her husband leaves town every day in an old, cheap car instead of an SUV.

Catherine was sitting in the grocery store parking lot on a quiet evening when she decided to call her husband and get coffee with him. Since she knew he often went to the grocery store on his way home, she hoped he could do the same thing this time. He texted her right away to let her know he was still at work when she tried to call him, but the call went straight to voice mail.

After that, she parked her car, took the shopping bag out of the trunk, and got out of the car. As she walked through the parked cars, though, an SUV caught her eye. Did that belong to her husband? Based on the bump in the back, it was. But where was he? she asked herself. At that time, she couldn’t stop thinking about how he had been staying late at work, making secret calls, and acting in a very strange way.

Catherine chose to go back to her car and wait for her husband to show up so she could talk to him. Soon after, a cheap old car pulled up next to her husband’s SUV. She was shocked to see her husband Dylan in the old car. He was wearing worn-out, old clothes. Her mind was blank, and she had no idea what was going on. First Dylan got out of the old car. Then he changed into his work suit and got into the SUV.

Catherine quickly went home to wait for him there. She made up her mind not to talk to him. She asked him, “So, how was your day?” because he looked lost and wasn’t interested in the food. “Oh, that’s why…”Meetings, paperwork, and the usual stuff,” he said, sounding like he had practiced the answer. She asked, “I thought you’d have gone outside for a while.”

He said, “No, today was busy,” which made Catherine’s heart sink. Was he telling lies because he was seeing someone else? She really wanted to talk to him about it, but she couldn’t until she had proof. The next morning, she got up early and chose to wait for him in the parking lot of the grocery store. Dylan asked her, “Where are you going so early?” when he saw her leave the house. He was dressed up for work in what he always wears.

“Oh, I remember I told you I had a massage early in the morning. “The back pain is killing me,” she told a lie. “Not having breakfast?” “Sure, I’ll pick up something on the way. See you soon.” “Sleep in,” she told herself as she left the house. After a while, she saw her husband pull into the parking lot in his SUV and then switch to the sedan. He put on his old clothes and got in his car. Catherine followed him.

He looked in the rearview mirror at one point, and their eyes almost met. But a bus going by blocked the view. Catherine’s hands began to sweat and her heart began to skip beats. She didn’t know what was going on or what to expect. As their cars left the edge of the city and went down a less-traveled road with cracks and holes, Catherine found herself in a forest. Dylan took the dirt road that led into the woods, and Catherine chose to keep going on foot on this strange trip in the hopes of seeing her husband or his sedan deep in the woods.

She walked through the thick bush until she reached the open area. That’s where she saw Dylan’s sedan stopped next to a wooden house.Catherine crouched behind some bushes about 30 meters from the house. She could see Dylan talking to a poor man in worn-out clothes on the porch of the house. She ran up to them and yelled, “What’s going on here?” when she saw them laughing.

Did Catherine? “What the heck are you doing up here?” Dylan was shocked and asked. Harry, the other man, looked at her and asked, “Who is this beauty?” Katie yelled, “I’m his wife!” “Tell me everything, Dylan! Why did you lie about the meeting at work? Also, why did you leave your SUV in the parking lot of the grocery store and drive this old, broken-down car instead? Who is this man, anyway?

Dylan’s body went cold. “Wife? You didn’t talk about her! You said you were poor and worked at a gas station!” Harry just looked at Dylan. “You lied the whole time?” “I need Harry. I can explain!” Dylan answered with trepidation.When Harry got mad, he picked up a bottle from a table nearby and hit Dylan on the head with it. After that, Dylan passed out. He opened his eyes a moment later to see that he and his wife were being dragged to the basement and tied to a chair.

“Get up and talk, Dylan!” “What the hell is going on?” Catherine said in a scared and confused tone. “I should’ve told you everything, but I didn’t want you to know about my past,” he said. “I had a son named Catherine, and it all began when I took him to the doctor…”It was 19 years ago… Dylan and his baby son left the doctor’s office together. The child was told they had a rare illness and needed treatment right away, which would cost around $100,000.

The bad news was terrible, and he called his girlfriend to tell her. He told her to wait until he and their baby got home. But when he got there, he saw a note from her that said, “Don’t look for me.” Dick, I didn’t want this child! Bye!” Dylan was desperate, so he called his friend Harry. Together with Harry’s group, they made a plan to rob a bank. At the same time that Harry and his friends broke into the bank, Harry was getting ready to leave in the car.

The group stuck to their plan on D-Day. After Dylan waited for a while, Harry threw open the car door and jumped in. He yelled, “DRIVE NOW!” “Where are the rest of the crew?” It was Dylan. “They are gone!” Get going!” Harry told them. Dylan did what he was told to do. Soon after, though, he saw the police lights in the rearview mirror. As the cops got closer, they fired, hitting Harry in the shoulder. Their car was also damaged.

Say, “Keep driving!” At that very moment, Harry said while groaning in pain. But when they saw how hard it was to control the car, Harry changed his mind. “Dylan, we’re not going to make it! Pay attention to me…” It was Harry. “Up ahead, about 300 meters, there’s a tight alley. You can drive into it and find a drainage hole. Get out of the car, go into the drains, and follow the signs. Do not think about me. Bring all the money with you. Keep my share, though. When I get out of jail, I expect to be paid.

Harry was caught, but the money wasn’t found by the cops.Dylan could now go ahead with his son’s surgery, but it turned out to cost twice as much as planned, so he spent Harry’s share too, even though he knew it would get him into trouble. “The surgery was done with Harry’s share, but my son didn’t make it.” I was sad when he died, but things changed when I met you, Catherine. It made me feel like I could start over. I didn’t think Harry would ever find me again, especially after 20 years. That’s why I lied to you.

He asked, “How did he find you?” Catherine asked, still shocked by what he had said. “He called me. He said he was no longer in jail. I have no idea how he got my phone number. I said I was poor because I didn’t want to give him back his share. Everything I have is because I worked hard for it. So I thought of a way to trick him. “For you, Dylan, $100,000 is nothing! You might have given it to him. You can’t mess with our lives like this, right? I dislike you!” Kate made a rude noise.

The downstairs door flew open right then. Harry walked in with a smile. He growled, “I just paid a quick visit to your cozy home.” “That is a nice palace, but it doesn’t have many valuable things in it.” Is that where all the money went? Dylan then told Harry that if he let Catherine go, he would give him a million dollars. Harry said yes. “But if you even think about pulling a trick or calling the police, I won’t think twice about telling everyone about your dark past,” Harry told Dylan.

“Remember that I have nothing to lose and a lot of friends in jail.” If you bother me, you will be punished. From the moment they walked into the bank, Dylan knew he couldn’t trust Harry. He chose to do something because he was afraid for Catherine’s life. Dylan yelled, “This is a robbery!” as they got closer to the clerk. Everyone became scared, and Harry lost his way. He said he would tell the cops about Dylan’s past. “I’ll tell them everything myself,” Dylan said. “But I’m glad Catherine will still be alive!”

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