Dad is greedy and wants his daughter to get the family necklace that was meant for his stepdaughter.

When you have a family treasure, all you do is watch over it and make sure it gets passed down from generation to generation. That’s what one woman was going to do until her husband told her not to. She asked people on Reddit if she was wrong for giving the treasure to her daughter the way she had planned. She felt like her husband was gaslighting her, which hurt their relationship.

The 35-year-old woman had been married to Joey for two years. They had been together for four years and had daughters from past relationships before they got married. “​​My family has a tradition of giving an emerald necklace that’s passed down from a mother to their eldest daughter or son on their 14th birthday,” she began her tale. The 14th of January is Emily’s birthday.The custom in her family was known to her husband Joey from the beginning of their relationship.

Emerald Necklace | Source: BY-ND 2.0) by Clive Kandel

It was also clear to him that she was going to give Emily the necklace. As the subject of Christmas presents came up, Joey suggested that his daughter Sophia instead of Emily get the emerald set. He thought it was the best way for his wife to show that she loved Sophia as her own daughter. This thought didn’t appeal to the woman. Emily always knew that this was a family practice and couldn’t wait to get the necklace. Her husband knew this, but he wouldn’t change his mind.

Joey said his wife liked Emily more than Sophia. He thought he was being selfish because she could just go to Amazon and buy Emily another necklace. The woman didn’t back down. She told him the necklace was going to her daughter no matter what. Following their talk, Joey has kept quiet around her, except when they are with their two kids. Even Joey’s mom and sister heard about what happened, and they too started to say that the woman was being unfair.

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They pushed her to do what Joey had asked and give the necklace to Sophia The worried mom went to Reddit to ask for help. With her marriage in trouble, she wondered if she was wrong to be so set in her ways about something. “The “your child is better than mine” argument is also the height of hypocrisy.” One person asked, “Isn’t he picking a fight with her because he likes his child more than hers?”

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“Your bio daughter should get the family heirloom – and your bonus daughter should be a new blended family treasure,” someone else offered. “I suspect he wanted his daughter to have the expensive jewelry that he didn’t have to pay for,” someone said. People on Reddit spoke out in support of the woman. It seemed to them that she had good reasons and that her husband, Joey, was acting very badly.

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