The judges laughed at the girl’s song choice. They got up from their seats, though, because of how she!

Just think about how amazing and beautiful it is that sometimes the tiny bodies have the loudest and most talented voices. The 12-year-old girl Bo Dermot is very nice, but when she performed on Britain’s famous talent show Got Talent, she filled the whole stage.

It was easy to see why Bowe was both excited and scared when he walked onto the stage and got everyone’s attention right away. The stress didn’t rise until the judges started to laugh when they heard the song he was going to sing. Because it was hard, Bowe liked singing “Defying Gravity’s” over the hit show “Wicked.”

Even though he was under a lot of stress, Bowe put on an amazing show that they will never forget. A 12-year-old girl is the only one who could give them such an amazing egg and introduce herself to both of them. I never would have thought that would happen. Check out this link to see the amazing and touching performance:

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