Take a look! This 3-month-old baby is saying “I love you,” and his mother is glad.

An adoring mother takes a touching video of her 8-week-old baby saying, “I love you.” When a parent hears their child’s first words, it is always an unforgettable moment. Most babies can make speech-like noises during the sixth month, suggesting names like mommy and daddy or simply communicating what they want, such as a bottle of milk or a toy.

Understanding these words might be difficult because the infant may make a variety of sounds, noises, and even cries that indicate completely different requirements. A recent YouTube video stunned viewers by demonstrating how an 8-week-old infant could say “I love you,” imitating her mother.

With the camera, the mother hopes to catch the moment. Engaging her young daughter in a quick discussion about the past. As Christmas progressed, the mother made the girl happy by babbled cheerful sounds and smiled broadly. Viewers contested the authenticity of this story, but for the mother, talking with her daughter was a poignant experience that she was pleased to record.

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