My friends shocked me when they told me the truth about our children.

On Reddit’s r/relationship_advice thread, a man revealed his relationship story. The man revealed that her fiancee’s friends had hinted that he was not the father of their children. He had a paternity test and discovered the truth. The OP mentioned that they had their daughter a year ago before they married. When his fiancee, Sarah, found out she was pregnant, she informed one of her friends that OP might not be the father because she had slept with another man.

As they were getting ready to marry, one of OP’s fiancee’s friends approached him and told him that he is not the father, and he told him the narrative his fiancee told them. As mentioned by the OP, he did not want to believe his fiancee’s friend “because everything she said contradicted the person I knew for 5 years, faithful, honest, and loving.” He took a paternity test after learning about Sarah and confronting her, and discovered that he was not the father.

OP stated that his heart had been broken. He ended his post because he needed guidance from Redditors.Later in his update on the matter, OP mentioned that he read practically every piece of advise given to him by Redditors. He revealed that they performed another test, which did not change the outcome, and that he was not the father. OP said, “I talked to “Sarah”, and a lot emotions rolled out, how could and old friend betray me, I wasn’t sure if it was or wasn’t yours, I’m sorry, how could you not trust me, she was all over the place.”

She later revealed that she had cheated on OP with three other men. The OP mentioned that he did not become enraged since he was now desensitized to the matter. He called off the wedding and confronted his parents, who were taken aback. Then OP spoke with his fiancee’s parents, who were also taken aback. The OP expressed surprise at their understanding approach to the matter.

He chose to abandon his “daughter” as well, because he couldn’t continue with her, and as he mentioned, she was too young to remember him, and she wouldn’t even remember OP.OP went on to say that he discussed the situation with a lawyer, who told him that they needed to discover the genuine father. The buddy who revealed the truth to OP indicated that she knew two of the three people with whom “Sarah” slept. He ended his post by thanking everyone who tried to help him with their advise.

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