very delicious. Baked Pecan Pie French Toast

The boundary between breakfast and dessert is frequently blurred, and I am quite fine with that. If you enjoy a sweet breakfast, then this recipe is for you! This Baked Pecan Pie French Toast is seductively decadent and the ideal holiday breakfast. The meal is made the night before and baked in the morning for a quick and easy start to the day.

I used challah bread for this recipe, which is one of my faves for French toast because it’s slightly sweet and absorbent. Bread that is slightly stale works best, so put it out on the counter for a few hours if possible. The bread will soak overnight in a creamy egg mixture before being piled on top of a homemade brown sugar pecan sauce.

Bake the French toast for about 30 minutes, or until the tops are golden brown. Before serving, turn each slice of toast over to show off the sweet and sauce pecans. I don’t think you need any extra syrup with this dish, but a dollop of whipped cream wouldn’t hurt. Try this delicious breakfast treat for your next holiday or special event, and it will quickly become a favorite.

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