Even if he doesn’t express it, he has strong feelings for you.

1. Everything you say is significant to him, and he remembers every word or even sigh. A man in love remembers everything the woman of his dreams says. Furthermore, he wants to get to know her better, so he asks personal questions seemingly at random, but he pays close attention to the responses and strives not to miss a single aspect of the story. 2. He is nervous and stiff with you.

The man in love becomes composed in the company of his adored girlfriend. He makes an effort to impress her with his manners, conversation, and behavior. He’ll hold the door for her, offer to take her anywhere she needs to go, and lend her his phone to call if she doesn’t have it right now. 2. The secret is in the details – for a man who is truly in love, nothing about his chosen one is unimportant.

A man who is secretly in love attempts to look after everything, even the smallest details. He knows just what will cause the lips of the lady he adores to break into a charming smile, and he will go to any length to make it happen. Attention signals may appear to be ordinary courtesy, but they will not trick you if you listen to your emotions. 3. A man who is sincerely in love enjoys sharing with the object of his affection.

He will undoubtedly reveal his future intentions, which will include you – the woman for whom he harbors secret feelings. Men never plan a joint future based on a passing crush. 4. He can scarcely contain himself near you, therefore he is ostensibly but continuously hunting for ways to touch you. A man in love will attempt to make “physical contact” with you: a soft handhold, an involuntary touch, a reportedly friendly hug – all of this to demonstrate that you occupy a special place in his heart.

5. Unknowingly, a man in love seeks the approval of the woman of his dreams. A man who is secretly in love with a woman constantly values her opinion and will be interested in what she thinks, for example, about his wardrobe or, in general, about men’s character features. 6. two vs the world. A man in love is always concerned about his lady and seeks to shield her from the harsh world. He will do anything to protect her, including sending her home, calling a taxi, and assisting her in a difficult position.

7. “We” takes the place of “I” A man in love uses the term “we” involuntarily and is willing to devote himself totally for you. Just looking into his eyes reveals the actual representation of his feelings. 8. A man who is secretly in love would always emphasize his freedom and his dislike for short relationships. The man will gladly disclose details about his life and will make it clear that he is not searching for a short-term relationship. He’ll be watching your reaction to see if you understand his clue.

9. He can’t help but stare at you, even if it means revealing his true feelings. A man’s gaze is always fixed on the object of his affection. He’ll give you long, lingering looks, mostly when you’re not looking, and he’ll try to loiter more frequently in cafes and places you frequent. This is how he will remind you of himself during ostensibly random encounters, as if he had accidently wound up in the same location as his beloved.

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