The dad was taken aback when he discovered a youngster in his suitcase with a note attached.

Sam traveled to Cuba for his annual business trip and was greeted royally. He usually threw parties in clubs after an important business meeting. However, the joy faded when he entered his hotel room and discovered it in disorder. To his surprise, a baby and a note were waiting for him in his suitcase. The note indicated that a young woman he’d met on a previous visit had given birth to a girl named Dunya and had placed her in Sam’s care. Overnight, this unexpected revelation altered Sam from a carefree individual to a perplexed father.

Sam strained to entertain Dunya the next morning as she tugged at his hand. Frustrated, he inquired at the hotel reception about the baby’s mother. In order to obtain answers, Sam resorted to providing money to an employee who divulged that Alice, Dunya’s mother, had departed for the United States to work as a designer. With renewed clarity, Sam asked the hotel staff for help in finding a nanny for baby Dunya.

Sam stayed at the meeting, returning to the hotel with a glum expression. Despite his despair, he cradled his daughter, Dunya, in his arms and decided to reconnect her with her mother while continuing to pay alimony. Dunya’s laughter and smiles warmed Sam’s heart, making him proud to be her father. Sam inquired again at the hotel reception desk for Alice’s exact address and discovered she lived in Florida.

Determined to make Dunya’s journey easier, he bought a ticket and included a note promising her arrival at the airport. However, for the small girl to fly, the airline required a consent form, prompting Sam to explore bribery. His assault was foiled when the cashier remained firm and summoned guards.Sam lifted Dunya and fled the airport, ending up on the beach at sunset, despite the alarms and guards.

He continued roaming, unable to return to the hotel owing to police presence, and accidentally stumbled onto a tavern. Sam, troubled with confused emotions while Dunya slept in his arms, confided in a friend he met. The friend helped Sam by finding him temporary housing and a job in the tavern. As he accepted his job as Dunya’s caregiver, Sam fell in love with her as if she were his daughter, vowing to be the father she deserved.

Years later, Sam surprised Dunya with a decorated house, a cake, and a special surprise – a jet ski ride. Dunya unfortunately wound up in the water, and despite Sam’s efforts to save her, she remained unresponsive. Sam, who was worried about her future due to lung difficulties, struggled with the terrible turn of events.In the hospital, he was anxious, tears flowing down his cheeks, blaming himself for ignoring her health.

Dunya’s serious condition was revealed by the doctor, demanding constant treatment and oxygen therapy. While it will not cure her, it will allow her to live a normal life. Sam, horrified by the high cost of the therapy, vowed to acquire a second job as soon as he returned home. When he met Alice, Dunya’s mother, who was eager to retrieve her daughter, his life took a harder turn. A custody dispute ensued, and Sam feared for his child’s safety.

A twist arose during the court session when Sam’s lawyer proposed the possibility of a DNA test. Sam was shocked to learn he wasn’t Dunya’s father after learning he hadn’t undergone such a test. Sam feared deportation after the judge gave her mother custody. Sam understood his love for Dunya surpassed the DNA test results as he prepared to say goodbye to her. Despite his pleas to Alice not to remove him from his daughter, his pleas were ignored.

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