A young couple is about to get a divorce, but what their adopted daughter does saves their marriage.

Sandra’s biological mother abandoned her when she was five years old. She ended up in an orphanage and was adopted at the age of six by a kind young couple named Keith and Lana. Sandra was very pleased because her new family did everything for her, but disputes arose in her adoptive parents’ home over time. Sandra felt uneasy as she remembered her biological parents’ squabbles and hurried to her bed, hiding under the blanket.

Keith and Lana’s arguments became more frequent, infusing the house with stress. Sandra cried one evening after hearing of a fresh quarrel, fearing that her family would come apart.She awakens the next morning to loud noises and muttering. Sandra looked around but saw no one, but she could hear sounds coming from her parents’ bedroom.

As she approached the bedroom, she noticed her father packing her suitcases and her mother crying on the bed. Sandra quickly sought to persuade him to stay, but she was unsuccessful. Sandra dashed to the door, grabbed the house and car keys off the shelf, and crept behind the sofa.

Keith began searching for the keys and blaming Lana for their disappearance when Sandra emerged from her hiding location and stated that she had taken the keys. Sandra was in a dreadful state, terrified that they would do the same to her biological parents.

Keith felt guilty after witnessing Sandra’s distress. How could he be so unconcerned with his daughter’s happiness before deciding to divorce? He became aware of how cruel her original parents were!

Keith realized his error at that moment, hugged Sandra, and apologized. And he promised not to abandon her or her mother. Lana apologized to him, and they agreed to restart. Because of Sandra, they evaluated their relationship and realized that they could be lot happier together than they were apart.

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