A 19-year-old girl found out that she has a 13-year-old twin. How is this possible?

Telling your family at a family dinner that you have had a twin brother for almost all your life. How does that make you feel? On top of that, you know him very well! At first glance, everything about the twins seems to make sense. These are two or more children whose parents got pregnant at the same time, which the mother held under her heart together, and who were born at different times, but only by a few hours.

They are very alike, and their birthdays are often the same, so even their parents get them mixed up. One girl, though, used TikTok to tell her story. She found out she had a twin brother when she was 19, just like in an Indian movie. It was her younger brother, who is 6 years younger than her. She found out the secret while having dinner with her parents, who are no longer married.

They said it without much thought like it wasn’t important. She was shocked, though. Although they were conceived at the same time, they were not born until six years later. How is it possible?The technology of today holds the key. “The old-fashioned way” wasn’t working for Anna’s mom, so she chose IVF. In the lab, the mother’s egg is fertilized with the father’s sperm.

If everything goes well, the baby is placed in the uterus of the mother. Everything went very well with the surgery, and Anna’s mother even got two embryos. It took her some time to decide that she wasn’t ready to have and raise two kids at this time, so the second embryo was saved until she was ready. The mother of Anna decided she wanted an other child five years after Anna was born.

When she went back to the doctor, she got the same embryo that Anna got at the same time. In due course, her younger brother was born. She was six years old at the time. What she didn’t know about how a child was born who looked like her bigger sister was like two drops of water. Things worked out after 7 years, but it was all by accident.

Some people didn’t think Anna could call the boy her twin brother because twins should be born at the same time. But new technologies are changing the way people usually think about reality. For example, if Anna and her brother were two eggs that were fertilized at the same time, what makes them different from other fraternal twins? Some people thanked the girl for telling the truth because they had been through the same thing and didn’t know how to handle it. We can’t keep up with how fast the world is changing.

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