Chicken Alfredo Lasagna

To think of a rich, creamy, and delicious treat, think of Fettucine Alfredo. Good. Now picture it being stacked on top of each other, with melty cheese, chicken, and spinach on top of that. Our Chicken Alfredo Lasanga is now ready for you. If you want a dinner that is cheesy, full of carbs, and absolutely creamy, this is it. It will answer all of your comfort food prayers and then some.

You can make this lasagna if you know how to make any other kind. Making it takes some time, but it’s not hard at all, and I promise you that it’s worth every minute. Now, I’ll do almost anything to escape having to boil lasagna noodles, drain them, and separate them before putting them in layers. A no-boil noodle is sometimes the answer, and this way, which is just to cover the noodles in hot water while I work on the rest of the dish, is another.

It makes them soft enough that they cook all the way through in the oven without any extra help. If they start to stick, just move them around with your fingers every so often. Simple as that. On top of the noodles, you’ll put a sauce you make on the stove that tastes like Alfredo but isn’t exactly the same. Though it has things like onions, spinach, ricotta, and cream, garlic, and Parmesan that make you think of alfredo, that’s also what it tastes like.

Could you use the stuff in the jar? Yes, you could. The noodles have to sit in water, though, so why not use that time to make this lovely sauce?Not only is it creamy, but it’s also very rich and filling, and it has some great cheese pulls. Chicken and mozzarella are also mixed in with those layers. I’m not saying you should eat this every day, but when you want something rich and smooth, this is perfect.

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