She had no clue that her kid would love knitting as much as she did when she taught him the craft.

It looks like girls no longer sit next to their grandmothers with knitting needles or crochet hooks in their hands. The older generation taught the younger generation how to be responsible, but as society progressed, it gave the younger generation new ways to have fun, and knitting tools went out of style. Even stranger is the story of John Larson, 11, who took the hook for the first time when he was 5 years old and hasn’t put it down since.

The boy was born in Ethiopia and was later taken in by a family from Wisconsin in the United States. An unknown instrument that he found by accident in a room in the house really surprised him. His mother showed him how to knit on YouTube, which was enough for the start. John first made scarves. Then he moved on to blankets, tablecloths, and even gloves. Mom was always there for her son and inspired him to do his strange work. She always backs up a bright son.

“John’s Hands” is the name of the website she made for her son. There are more than 28,000 YouTube fans and more than 140,000 Instagram fans of the boy. The boy knits things that people really want, and they keep going in for more. He has to turn people away sometimes because he doesn’t have time.John has also already started writing a book after signing a deal to do so.

John is a hardworking and smart student, even though he has a lot going on in his life. The boy was moved to the next class immediately because he did so well on the IQ test.The boy thinks about his home country of Ethiopia even though he lives in the United States. He sends them related stories all the time and also asks for help for children in Ethiopia.
John thinks of himself as a surgeon in the future and knows that the job requires focus and hard work.

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