The girl who was called “ugly” because of how she looked is now “beautiful” at age 9

Maya was born with microphthalmia, a condition in which one eye did not grow properly, making it smaller. Even though Maya had this condition from birth and had a normal childhood, her friends teased her about how she looked.

Lauren, Maya’s mother, was determined to change this situation by doing whatever it took to give her daughter a more “normal” look. Maya was the first person in the UK to have a procedure like this done when she was three years old. She had several groundbreaking surgeries and got an eye prosthesis made from fat taken from her abdomen.

Maya has had 24 surgeries on her eyes, and the scars and stitches from each one can be seen now that she is nine years old. Even though she got an artificial eye when she was a year old, its weight made her face look bad.

Now that Maya has had these surgeries, her family is trying to raise money for a bionic eye. The only person who can make these kinds of eyes is in the United States, and they are working with the family on this project.

Lauren wants Maya to have a youth where she isn’t teased or left out because of how she looks. Even though there have been problems, Maya has gained confidence, especially through sports. Maya was interested in women’s football, which made Lauren want to join the school football team. Maya sees football as more than just a hobby.

It boosts her confidence, skills, and self-esteem in and out of the game.Lauren stresses that football is more than just a hobby for Maya; it gives her confidence and helps her believe that women can do amazing things just like men. Lauren is happy to see Maya smile after a game because she has been there for her daughter through tough times, especially when Maya’s unique features made her the center of attention.

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