Before my husband’s work Christmas party, I wrote a joke on his chest.

Travis was going to the work Christmas party, but his wife Micaela knew he wouldn’t drink much, so they did something fun they could laugh about later. She wrote “This is my husband—touch him, and you’ll pay” on his chest. Her husband told her he would be home early, so he got ready and went to the party. She sent him a message telling him to have fun and was excited to see if anyone read it.

However, she was shocked to see the next morning that someone had written, “Keep the change,” under her work. She thought at first that someone was playing a joke on her, but she wasn’t sure, so she went to her mother for help. Micaela did what her mother told her to do: she followed Travis to make sure he wasn’t cheating on her. A GPS helped her keep an eye on Travis’s car, and when she saw that he wasn’t going to work one day as he said he would, she became suspicious.

Micaela went after him. When he went into an apartment, she quickly went in too, and saw her husband with someone else. “Are you the woman who called my husband?” she asked. The other woman just said, “Husbands like this deserve to be treated like spare change.”

She didn’t seem too worried. That event was the start of the end for Micaela and Travis’s marriage. She knew she was worth more than that, so she asked for a divorce. She met someone new in the end and is now happier than ever. What people said about Micaela’s story about how she found out her husband was cheating on her is shown below.

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