Things guys look at first when they see a woman

You might sometimes wonder what guys think about you when they see you on the street. You’ve probably heard a lot of those myths about guys looking at your butt and breasts first. Scientists say that guys are interested in very different things, and those things don’t even have to do with your body. Read on if you want to know what guys think when they see you for the first time. Men aren’t always what women think they are, which might surprise you.

1. Eyes. The eyes are another thing that men often notice first about a woman. You may have heard that your eyes show what’s inside you. They show us a lot about a person. It’s not always hard to tell if someone is telling you the truth or lying. Eyes can really draw someone in and get them interested.

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Research has shown that for almost 70% of men, the eyes of a woman are the first thing they look at. Don’t think that guys are only interested in your chest! It’s always easier for men to compliment a woman’s eyes than any other part of her body because women like it when men praise their eyes.

2. Hair. People will notice your long, healthy, shiny hair. If your hair is in good shape, it means you’re young and healthy. People say that blonde girls are more appealing to guys, but that’s not true at all! Women with any color hair have an equal chance. Different men like different things. Some like blondes because they look more delicate and sweet, like angles. But some people will always look for dark girls because they think they look more mysterious.

People with red hair also have a chance because they look wild and attractive. He might notice how you style your hair, and if it’s messy and oily, it doesn’t look good. Instead of buying new hair dye to make you look different, buy shampoos and creams that will keep your hair moist and take good care of it. Being like that will pay off, and he won’t be able to take his eyes off of your shiny, healthy hair.

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The skin of a woman is another thing that most guys look at. Many polls have shown that men think a healthy skin is a sure sign of health. Most men believe that a woman whose skin looks healthy is healthy and can have healthy children.

4. Make a face. People who are interested in dating should not be shy when a woman smiles. A woman’s smile also shows that she is nice, funny, and has a good mood. Who wouldn’t want to date someone like that? People are naturally drawn to women who are happy because they make people feel good. Since laughter spreads, it can only make people feel better. Don’t say you’re too shy to smile at that guy you don’t know very well! A smile will do as a request, even if you don’t say anything.

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Some girls say they don’t smile much because of their teeth. They aren’t straight or white. Ladies, this isn’t a good reason! A perfect smile with no flaws has been advertised in ads, but this is just an ad and the smile was probably photoshopped for hours. Men don’t have strict rules that say they can only date girls who look like models, either. On top of that, they are normal guys with flaws, so they will understand yours too.

5. The way you dress. It may come as a surprise, but most guys do pay attention to how women dress. A new study shows that most men would rather be with a woman who dresses well than one who shows too much skin. Men like it when women are mysterious, but a half-naked body tells all. Remember that your style can say a lot about you. What you wear for makeup and cologne shows what you like. Your shoes and accessories show how you live and how sophisticated you are.

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