Dad’s middle son doesn’t look like him, so he gives the boy a DNA test.

After 12 years of marriage, the husband asked for a DNA test for their middle child because he thought the two children looked different. He asked, and his wife didn’t find it funny. She’s now thinking about separation. If a husband asked his wife for a pregnancy test after twelve years of marriage, it could have ended badly.The man said, “We have three children, and I’ve always had this strong feeling that our middle child wasn’t mine.” My third child doesn’t look like me, but our oldest and youngest do.”

The husband wanted to get a DNA test even more because he knew that his wife would not stand for cheating. This made the 35-year-old feel bad about the request.Her husband told her that there shouldn’t be any problems if she didn’t have anything to hide. After hearing what his wife said, he became even more suspicious. He kept testing and found out that the son was really his. After getting the results, the husband thought the problem was solved, but his wife started to question that they could stay married.

His marriage suffered because he asked for a DNA test. His wife was still very angry with him because she thought he didn’t trust her. Not only that, but their son didn’t know where he fit in the family because he didn’t look like them. The husband tried to convince his wife of his point of view, but she wouldn’t believe that he thought she would cheat and that his pride was so strong that he was willing to put his family in danger.

Because of this, the 35-year-old woman brought up the idea of getting a divorce, which was not how the husband thought things would go. The 37-year-old man was hoping that Redditors could help him come up with ways to talk to his wife again after they hadn’t talked since the event. They chose to stay together, right? A few months after posting his story on Reddit, the 37-year-old came back with an update. He said that his wife had finally agreed to talk to him.

Her opinion of what was going on had not completely changed, though. Even though her husband had hurt their son and didn’t trust her, the wife still couldn’t forgive him. She believed she could never trust him again. His son thought he hated him and felt alone. The husband said that he had always known that his father treated him differently, even though the father didn’t know it.

After hearing about the cheating claims, the wife started to think that her husband might be hiding something of his own. He told his wife that he hadn’t cheated on her, even though he had in his two previous relationships. His wife said he was wrong because she had never cheated on him. Because of this, things did not get better for the pair over time. What happened was that the husband thought she could never forgive him.


Even though the husband had thought that the paternity test would put his mind at ease, it made him very angry. The man said that none of his kids were talking to him, so it wasn’t just his middle son who was mad at him. In addition, his wife wanted to end the marriage. Besides that, no one who commented felt sorry for him. They thought his wife should have left him because she knew how valuable she and her son were. But most people didn’t think it was a big deal that he had cheated on her before.

Most of the people who commented thought it was already a betrayal for the husband to doubt their 12-year marriage and say she was cheating. But more Reddit users were angry that the dad chose to make his wife and son mad for his own peace of mind. Many people thought he made the whole thing about himself.

Most of the people who commented thought it was annoying that he wanted a paternity test just so his third child would look like him. People on the Internet felt sorry for the wife and could see why she would never trust her husband again. People thought that the husband’s trust problems went beyond his doubts about the paternity test.People online were also angry that the husband wouldn’t admit he was wrong for not trusting his wife and putting himself through pain for his son. Some of them even said he had failed as a dad.

This article talks about this woman’s experience with a stranger asking for a DNA test and the shocking results that came back.

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