People say bad things about Mother for wearing her pajamas to school, and her reaction is strange.

As a 34-year-old mother, Jodie works hard to take care of her three kids. People unfairly call her “lazy” and “disgusting” when she sometimes sends her kids to school in their clothes, even though she tries to be a good example. People don’t like it when a mom wears clothes to school, but her response is surprising.

People seem to think less of Jodie because she wears pajamas under her coat, but she says it’s because she’s committed to making sure her kids are on time for school. In spite of what some people think, her choice shows how committed she is as a mother, putting her kids first.

When Jodie takes her kids to school in their pajamas, she gets negative feedback from other parents and people who get the wrong idea about what she’s doing. Besides feeling like things aren’t fair, she stresses that her purpose is completely misunderstood.

People criticize a mother for going to school in her pajamas, and her reaction is surprising. Going out in my jammies is not a sign of a careless mother; I do it to be a good mother. When things are really tough, like when my one-year-old keeps me up all night, I wake up late and don’t have time to get ready.

A lot of people might think I’m lazy or a bad example, but that’s not true. Even though I don’t get much sleep, getting my kids ready for school and on time is very important to me. My attention is on my kids, not on what other people think of them.”

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