Key Lime Poke Cake

Key Lime Pie is the best cool and sweet treat ever. This poke cake might not feel as cool and smooth as the original, but it does taste just as yummy and refreshing, but in the form of a poke cake! Also, if you haven’t tried poke cake yet, you should. This unique way lets the creamy filling sink into the cake crumb, making every bite full of delicious flavor. With a poke cake, here’s what you should do:

With the end of a wooden stick, you poke the cake all over, almost to the bottom but not all the way through. Then you put a filling on top and let it seep down into the holes to make the cake taste better. The filling in this case is a sweet whipped cream mixture that has key lime juice added to it. It gives the cake a creamy bite and a cool citrus taste.

There is more whipped cream on top of the cake, just in case you thought it wasn’t creamy enough. There’s nothing fancy about this cake, but boy is it tasty. It’s soft, creamy, and sweet, and the key lime gives it a nice zing.

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