Boy Gives Mom a Box and Says, “Dad Told Me You Should Open This If We Need Help”

When a young boy chooses to help his mother with her problems, he brings her a box that his late father gave him specifically.Sharon, Kathleen’s husband, died of cancer four years ago, leaving her to raise a young boy named Robert. They had a lot of loans and bills to pay off. Two years after he died, their house was taken away because they still couldn’t pay it off.

Kathleen and Robert moved into a small rented home after losing their home. They were very poor and had just enough money each day to get by. When Kathleen learned about all of their problems, she often felt sadder. The only thing that kept her going was her beloved son.Robert saw that her mom was drinking a lot in the evenings. He thought she was about to give up. After school one day, he saw her crying her eyes out while sitting next to the window.

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There was an empty wine bottle next to her.”Mom, you need to cut down on beer.” Don’t do it. He said, “Please promise me you’ll stop.” But Kathleen yelled at her son instead of being grateful for his care. “That’s easy for you to say since all you do is ride your bike home from school every day!” You really don’t help me!” She yelled. Robert chose to go to his room alone because he was upset. It was clear to him that his mother wasn’t in a good mood for a calm talk. Anything else he said made them fight.

After about an hour, his mother came into his room to say sorry. She was crying even more and begged God to forgive her. “I’m really sorry, Robert. I have no idea what’s going on with me. I should not have gotten angry with you. “You’re not to blame,” she told him. “Yes, mom. I understand how hard it’s been for you. “I wish I could finish school sooner so I could help you out,” Robert answered.

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Kathy turned her head. “It is my job to take care of you and raise you.” I’m just really tired, and things are getting harder because I have to pay a lot of bills and food prices are going up. “It would be nice to spend more time with you,” she said after a short time. Seeing you makes me want to do better, and that’s all the help I need from you. “Sorry, mom. I should do everything I can to help you. Now you don’t have to do things by yourself. Robert told her, “I’m here, and we’re a team.”

He then went to his closet and took out an old box. He gave his mother the box and said, “Here.” “This is what my dad told me to open if we need help.” Mom, I’m sorry. It took me so long to give this to you because I didn’t know how hard things were for you. I should have seen that you were having trouble sooner.” Kathy opened the box and found a note from her husband and a sealed envelope with $15,000 inside. First, she opened the letter, which said:

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“Dear Kathy, I’m sorry I can’t be with you every day anymore. I left you so early, and I know it’s been hard for you every day. Robert got this box, and I asked him to promise to only give it to you when you really needed it. It’s for sure that he knows when that would be best. I didn’t want to tell you straight out because you’ve always been my smart little wife. Without a doubt, you would have opened it as soon as you got it. Kathy and Robert, I love you. No matter what, Simon.”

Kathleen was crying again. She thought they had nothing left because they had paid off all of Simon’s assets and were now broke. She had no idea he had a plan B for when they really needed help. “What do you think, Robert?” Should we take a trip? “We haven’t been anywhere in a long time,” Kathleen said. “Not now, mom.” Let’s make a good budget for the money. Let’s pay our regular bills and other costs with it. “When we have any money left over, we can use it for a trip or even just a nice meal out,” he said.

His mom gave him a smile. “Yes, honey, you’re right. I’m sure this will make things a lot easier for me. With your dad’s help, we should have enough money for some extras.Kathy sat in her room and read the note over and over again after Robert went to sleep. “I miss you so much, Simon,” she cried. She chose to put the message in her husband’s diary, which she kept next to her bed even after he died.

After that, she saw something odd. The note and her husband’s notebook had very different handwriting. When she got her son’s notebook off the table, she saw that the letter was written in his handwriting. When she asked Robert in the morning why he wrote the note, he told her. “Sorry, mom. “Dad didn’t really leave a box,” he began. “Being on my bike all the time is because I work part-time as a courier.”

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On the weekends, I work in a cafe, and the boss of the courier service I work for sometimes gives me extra work to do to make extra money, Robert said.It was sad for Kathleen. “This is what you were able to save?” “That’s a lot, Robert.” “Mom, I’ve been working since our house was taken away. I’m sorry I took longer to give you the money. My goal was to get $20,000 before giving it to you. “I gave up that goal when I realized you already needed it,” Robert told his mom as he hugged her.

“I’m so sorry what I said about not taking your help. I should not have asked for your help in the first place, but you were working behind the scenes to help me. Thanks, my dear boy. Kathleen cried and said, “You are the best son anyone could ever ask for.”After some more time together, Kathleen told Robert it was time to study. He had tests coming up, and she wanted him to do well on them.

While that was going on, she walked to the nearby shopping area and went into the courier service where Robert worked.She told them her name was Robert’s mom and asked if they had any openings. “Any member of Robert’s family is welcome here,” the manager said. “He’s the most hardworking kid I’ve ever met!” After that, Kathleen got a second job as a courier service’s virtual helper. After some time, she met the business owner and told him about the problems her family was having.”

For two years, my son worked behind my back to make enough money to help pay the bills.” “We lost our house around the time he started working, and he’s been working hard ever since,” she said. Adam, the owner, was very nice and really cared about Robert and Kathleen. He offered them a place to stay right away in a house his parents had left him.”I have a nearby empty house that I haven’t touched in five years.”

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It was given to me by my parents. He told Kathleen, “You can stay there as long as you need to.”She turned her head away. “Excuse me, I’m sorry.” I didn’t ask you to help me with anything. That story still makes me feel good because I was so proud of my son, she said. Adam also shook his head and told them they had to take him up on his offer. “No. I’d rather have someone live there and look after it. Anyway, I haven’t had time to rent it out. You’re welcome to stay here for free. “Give it back to me when you’re ready,” he told her.

Kathleen did accept his offer in the end. She quit her other job to run the courier service she and Robert worked for after becoming really close with Adam.On top of that, Robert kept working at the messenger service and offered Adam free help. After two years, Kathleen and Robert had saved enough money to buy a small house that was just right for the two of them. Even though they gave Adam back the house they borrowed, they stayed friends. They took him to Europe as a thank-you gift for his kindness. The three of them had a great time.

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