Viral Green Goddess Salad

Since I don’t fully understand TikTok, I can’t say that it hasn’t taught me some very tasty recipes by mistake. The baked feta pasta and the smart tortilla hack got a lot of attention. Now here’s the Green Goddess Salad. This Green Goddess dressing is based on an old idea, but it tastes a lot better than it should. It does taste good and is good for you. Now those New Year’s resolutions seem a lot more attainable!

green goddess salad 2-min

Even though this salad has a lot of different parts, it’s still very simple to put together. Start by putting all of the sauce’s ingredients into a blender or food processor. The garlic and basil steal the show here. A big cup of spinach and a handful of nuts round out the meal. We picked walnuts so that the base would still taste like pesto. But nuts or cashews would also taste good. You can change this sauce up to use what you have on hand, which is great.

green goddess salad 6-min

Pour the smooth sauce over the chopped veggies and mix everything. The salad is now ready to eat, but I like to let it sit for an hour or two first so the cabbage can soften and take in all the great tastes. Lunch with a protein and this food is great. It’s also great as a side dish for a summer BBQ. There isn’t a healthy choice that tastes good. Everyone gets what they want!

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