Peach Pretzel Jello Salad

Have you ever heard of a pretzel salad? If not, it may sound entirely perplexing…But it’s probably because it’s a pretty retro recipe from the 1960s that isn’t really a salad at all. That’s true, despite the name, this dish is a dessert that looks nothing like a salad – but it does contain pretzels, so at least one part of the name makes sense.

So, what exactly is in this dessert? A buttery and cinnamon-y pretzel crust is topped with a thick layer of sweetened cream cheese, followed by a jello layer sprinkled with your choice of fruit. This meal not only looks fantastic (hello, gem-like fruit jello layer), but it’s also unbelievably delicious.

The pretzel crust retains its saltiness, but the cinnamon provides a surprising flavor that balances everything out. Add a smooth, sweetened cream cheese layer on top, followed by a refreshing fruit top layer. We made peach jello with canned peaches (although fresh peaches are fine if they’re in season!) and loved the results.

Everything is wonderfully balanced, and we’re left with a dessert that ticks all of our boxes: crunchy, sweet and salty, creamy, fruity…it’s got everything we could desire!

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