Woman notices a family portrait of her husband’s parents in his living room and demands that it be removed.

One woman’s husband had an affair with his female coworker a few years into their marriage. He originally persuaded his wife that everything had happened while they were inebriated, but that night turned out to be more. Nice-Adagio, a Reddit user, took to the platform to share her story in the hopes of receiving guidance. She claimed that two years into her childless marriage with Kyle, she realized he was having an affair with a coworker called Madison.

It was a painful circumstance for the woman, especially since she and Kyle were heartbroken about their inability to have a child. Kyle stated that the intoxicated one-night stand with Madison meant nothing to him and that he later regretted it.The wife tried to understand why her husband had to stray, especially when they were going through a difficult time. She gave their marriage a second shot and began to recover from the damage it had caused.

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She quickly knew, however, that the one-night stand would not be something she could easily forget.Years later, for Mother’s Day, her father-in-law commissioned an artist to make a Disney-style family portrait for his wife. The woman’s mother-in-law was overjoyed with the gift and proudly exhibited it in their living room.When the woman glanced at the portrait, she detected something odd. One on each side of her spouse was a woman named Madison, and the other was her.

“That just broke my heart,” the woman admitted, and the reason for Madison’s inclusion astounded her! Why Was the Mistress Included in the Family Portrait? “When I saw Madison,” the woman acknowledged, “my heart sank.” She called her mother-in-law and asked that the portrait be removed and stored in their bedroom so she wouldn’t be reminded of her husband’s infidelity. Not that the son it produced wasn’t enough of a reminder.

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The woman had come to terms with the idea that what was supposed to be a one-night affair culminated in Madison’s son being born with her husband. She welcomed his illegitimate kid, Kit, and fought for their relationship. Karla, her sister-in-law, contacted hours later to tell she had made her mother-in-law cry on Mother’s Day. She assisted Kit’s upbringing over the years whenever he was present. He was as much a part of the family as she was, and she didn’t mind.

Her in-laws are smitten with their grandchild. Kit visits them once a week and never holds it against them because she believes Kyle and Madison’s faults were not his fault. When the woman approached her mother-in-law (MIL) about her concerns about the family portrait, her MIL stated that she merely wanted to reassure Kit that they considered his mother to be a member of the family. The lady also revealed:

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“My MIL apologized for hurting my feelings but said that they didn’t mean to upset me; they were just thinking of Kit and how they don’t want him to feel that her mother isn’t family to them.” How could the family have thought about the child but not of her? Still saddened, the woman couldn’t understand why they were concerned about Kit’s sentiments but not hers. It was awkward for her to share her husband with his lover, and to make matters worse, she was pictured alongside him in their family portrait.

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However, because her mother-in-law agreed to remove the image from the living room, she accepted the apologies and moved on. Karla, her sister-in-law, contacted hours later to tell she had made her mother-in-law cry on Mother’s Day. She went on to say that her father-in-law was disappointed that a gift meant to bring joy was suddenly causing so much drama due to her unexpected request. The woman was taken aback. She was now being accused for instigating drama, despite the fact that the portrait was disrespectful to her feelings.

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According to the Redditor, Karla informed her she was “out of line” for instructing her in-laws what they could and couldn’t show in their living room. Madison, according to her sister-in-law, is a member of the family because she is Kit’s mother.Her sister-in-law also mentioned that Madison would always be in the picture because of Kit as long as she was married to Kyle. That was obvious to the woman, but she believed it wasn’t too much to ask the family not to point it out to her. Readers voiced their thoughts on the subject.

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