Since I was six years old, my stepmom has given me a toy pig for New Year’s. What was the secret?

Giving and receiving gifts makes people happy, even if the gift is so bad that it makes them wonder what the point was. This is especially true during the holiday season or when you have to go to a friend’s wedding followed by several birthdays in a row. Giving gifts is an art that requires a careful balance between being thoughtful and being useful. If you choose the wrong gift, the person you’re giving it to might be upset and feel like you don’t care about them.

My stepmom has given me a toy pig for New Year’s every year since I was six years old. A pig, yes. Every year. It was always a surprise to me because she has mental health problems and I didn’t want to make her mad. But my sister just couldn’t handle it this year. She asked, “Are you still not getting it?””Stupid about what?” I asked. She said, “Look at the pig’s behind.” When I looked, my heart stopped.

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A small note said, “Just because it’s funny!” It turned out that my stepmom thought it was a great joke to give the same weird gift every year. There was no hidden message or treasure; it was just a funny way of making me laugh that I never quite got.

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It’s not unusual to get things out of the blue. To be honest, most of us have had the same experience as these Redditors. Some of us may have even saved some of those gifts to give to someone else later. Some of the stories, though, showed how people pick out expensive gifts for the family member they like best while giving something useless to the person they don’t like. Have you ever had something similar happen? Please tell us about it.

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