The sensuous Heather Thomas of ‘The Fall Guy’ struggled with addiction—but look at her now, at 66.

Heather Thomas, who turned 66 on September 8, was known for her leading role alongside Lee Majors in The Fall Guy. She was on track for a successful Hollywood career. However, when the actor’s mother arrived on set after the show’s climax had been taped, the stunning blonde ran to the hospital, fearing her father had an emergency. The family and friends who received her at the Santa Monica hospital assured her that her father, Leon, was fine and that it was her who was concerned.

This was only the beginning of a new path for the 28-year-old woman, whose personal life and profession were radically revolutionized following her hospital stay. Keep reading to find out what happened to the former 1980s pinup lady! Heather Thomas, endowed with talent and natural movie star beauty to rival Farrah Fawcett and Heather Locklear, accomplished what she was meant to do.Thomas is also now an activist, having previously served on the boards of the Rape Foundation and the Amazon Conservation Team.

Identifying as a feminist–a deceptive moniker for a former sex symbol–Thomas emphasized the significance of both. “When I was younger, I did what others instructed me to do, but when I got older, I refused to sacrifice myself. I desired power and independence. This provided me with a home as well as the reputation necessary to gain in. Allowing someone to see your body is not inherently bad. I do not believe I betrayed myself.

“I don’t believe being a feminist requires you to be ashamed of your body,” she remarked.It’s unfortunate that Heather Thomas was unable to restart her acting career, but we’re glad she received the assistance she required and is now on a lifelong journey of rehabilitation. There are so many fantastic shows from the 1980s, and we liked watching her in the part of Jody Banks in The Fall Guy alongside the Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors!

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