The woman looks at her grandson’s skin color and says, “This is not yours!” She then tells her son to figure it out.

When Imani read a message on her phone, she saw that her son Simon had made a big mistake. To make things right, she told her husband Oscar about Simon’s secret marriage to Candice, even though she had warned him not to. Oscar tried to comfort her, but he wasn’t sure if she should be worried about Candice. Imani started an investigation because she thought Candice was only interested in making money, but it was hard for her to find proof.

A few months later, Simon told Imani that Candice was going to give birth, which made things very tense. Simon thought Imani was hiding something about the child’s father, and things got worse when they found out the baby wasn’t physically related to Simon. Imani talked to Candice because she thought she was lying. Imani didn’t trust him, so he got a DNA test, which showed him a shocking truth. Imani first said that Simon was Oscar’s son, but it turned out that he wasn’t.

Oscar was shocked and hurt when Imani admitted to having an affair many years ago. He then left her. Later, Simon and Candice learned that Camilo, their son, was born without any pigment in his skin. Even though there were problems, the family came together to help Camilo. The family’s mood slowly got better as they came to terms with the truth and focused on Camilo’s health.

Imani told Simon and Candice she was sorry for being unfair, and Candice told Oscar she was sorry for her mistakes. The family learned how to deal with the complicated parts of their relationships and enjoy the good things about what they now knew.

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