He was going through the forest when he noticed an unusual pile on the ground. When he drew closer, he was shocked

If you go trekking on a regular basis, you’re likely to come across some very unexpected things. I know I do. For the past few years, I’ve made a point of walking the trails around my house at least twice or three times every week. Let me tell you about some weird sights, sounds, and smells I’ve encountered along the way. In Peterborough, UK, a man encountered a thought-provoking scene while roaming.

After crossing a tree line and emerging on the ridge of a depression, the man in question noticed what appeared to be hundreds of tennis balls collected together on the forest floor. To say they stood out among the scenery is an understatement, and our shocked hiker decided to approach for a closer look. When he did, he noticed they weren’t actually tennis balls, but rather living animals!

Surprisingly, he discovered a big number of chicks – and the birds couldn’t have been hatching for more than a day. Unfortunately, the widespread view online is that an individual – or individuals – abandoned the chicks to die, not expecting anyone to find them alive. Needless to say, authorities were quickly dispatched to the scene of the odd discovery, and the birds were loaded into crates to be rescued. I’ve never seen something like this while out traveling; have you? Let us know in the comments section.

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