Watch this amazing Video! Toddler hilariously imitates pregnant mother’s waddle

Moving around while pregnant might be unpleasant. Having a huge old basketball belly might throw you off balance! Add in the myriad aches and pains that come with being pregnant, and you’ve got a formula for a waddle. Yes, instead of walking, you find yourself limping from side to side, one hand on your back for support, belly enormous and in command!

Teri O’Neil, a mother of two from Roseville, Minnesota, understands how it feels during the final months of pregnancy. When she was pregnant with her youngest child, she appeared to be waddling around everywhere.

Teri may have thought no one noticed her walk had morphed into a waddle, but her young daughter had been paying close attention. They’re constantly watching, aren’t they? Teri asked her kid, “How does mommy walk?” and she showed her… And it’s hilarious!

The toddler proudly demonstrates her mother’s pregnancy waddle, sticking her tummy out and tucking in her chin, as Teri giggles behind the camera. Teri’s husband, Rich, even joined in on the fun, thrusting out his tummy in support! Teri, the truth hurts, doesn’t it? We’re sure her walk has returned to normal now! Watch the adorable film below, and share it with someone who has been there, and done that!

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