Here are five reasons why women stop loving their husbands.

1. She’s lost respect for you. If she no longer respects you, every moment spent with you will feel like punishment. Your approach to the disadvantaged, your thought processes on important social topics, or even minor details such as your feelings toward the opposite sex. Women like to look up to the man they love, and if you aren’t the one, the love may not be as meaningful.

2. Cheating.. Nothing pains her more than having her trust broken by the most important person in her life. Did you realize that women dislike emotional infidelity more than physical? 3. Lack of dedication. Women invest their heart and soul in a relationship. However, if there is no reciprocation, she will quickly conclude that you are not worth her efforts. If you value her, make a full commitment and devote your time and attention to her.

4. She needs her personal space. Women crave personal space. They, too, require some rest after devoting so much energy and passion to the relationship. She loves you, but that doesn’t imply she abandons the rest of the world to be with you and only you. If she misses her own space too much and believes you are unjustifiably insecure, she will not stay. 5. You take her for granted. It is rather usual for males to treat their women like convenience stores.

They will be all over them when they have nothing else to do or require emotional support. Then, when it’s sunny, she takes a back seat. Women are not convenience shops, and while she may still love you, she will not live with you after this. 6. Never disrespect your spouse or girlfriend. Just because she can’t fix electrical equipment doesn’t mean she’s useless. Or just because she couldn’t understand some technical aspects of your job doesn’t mean she’s dumb. You’ll lose your face the moment she starts pointing out your mistakes. If you need her and want to be with her, then value her.

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