Bride’s mother sees groom entering the bathroom with bridesmaid in the middle of the wedding.

When Iris, 78, discovers her daughter’s fiancĂ© going into the restroom with a bridesmaid, she decides to give him a special gift. Iris follows them, and what she sees prompts her to rush to her daughter to cancel the wedding.Iris was overjoyed that day. Her 50-year-old daughter Eliza was about to marry the love of her life, Daniel. So Iris moved approached her prospective son-in-law, handing him her late husband’s diamond cufflinks before the wedding ceremony could begin.

However, Daniel was walking too quickly, and Iris had to battle her aching knees to keep up with him. She saw him approach Melissa, a bridesmaid and his business colleague, and whisper something to her. Then they both moved away from the venue, towards the back of the restaurant. Curious, Iris crept after them, only to discover them sliding into a restroom together…Iris approached the bathroom and slightly opened the door, but her heart plummeted as she glanced inside.

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“I can’t wait anymore, babe,” Daniel said, drawing Mellissa closer. “Not now, darling,” Melissa sang. “If someone finds out, our plans will be ruined.” “Daniel and Melissa are…having an affair?” Iris shrank back against the wall in horror. “Just once before I marry that boring Eliza,” Daniel remarked. “Patience, babe…you only need to stay married for a few months. Consider the large payday we’ll collect if you divorce your boring wife.

Millions of dollars in assets and cash…but only if you maintain your composure now!”Iris leaned over to look at Daniel and Melissa in the bathroom mirror. They were entangled in each other’s arms and kissing fiercely. “Not now…baby…stop…no, stop!” Melissa murmured. “We have to get back to the party.” “Not until you promise to meet me at my house later,” he said. “We carry on like we always have…secretly meeting after Eliza’s gone to work!”

Melissa laughed before they continued kissing. Iris, unable to bear it any longer, ran away to warn her daughter that Daniel was a bad golddigger.Iris rushed into the dining room, but Eliza was not there. Suddenly, the MC grabbed everyone’s attention.”Before we proceed to the wedding hall, the bride has a special gift for the groom,” he said. Eliza appeared on stage and snatched the microphone from the MC. “I know this is a little unusual,” she explained.

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“…I’ve waited for a long time to find a man to spend the rest of my life with…and I want to dedicate this to him!” As the band behind Eliza began playing the chords, she sung a beautiful love ballad. Eliza finished singing, and the room fell silent. The audience applauded, and Daniel ran onto the platform to hug her. Eliza looked at him as if he were the brightest star in the sky, which broke Iris’s heart.

When Iris discovered the truth about Daniel’s scheme, she knew it would break her daughter’s heart. “What a beautiful moment,” the MC said, interrupting the hectic wedding scene. “Let’s all proceed to the wedding hall so these love birds can have their first dance!” Iris navigated through the mob to approach her daughter. “Eliza, I have to tell you something…it’s about Daniel.”

“What about Daniel?” “Is everything alright, Mom?” Sweetie, he is…I don’t know where to begin. “Can we speak privately?” “Mom, Daniel is waiting for me. We’ll chat after the first dance. Okay?””Sweetie, no, please wait…” “Are you ready, Eliza?” Melissa moved around Iris and approached the bride. “Daniel’s waiting for you in the dance hall.”Eliza looked stunning in her wedding gown as she led Melissa to the door with a radiant grin.

Iris was devastated, and she lacked the strength to break her daughter’s heart on her special day. So she watched in misery while the wedding went on. There was nothing she could do to expose Daniel and Melissa’s affair. There was only one way to expose the slimebag: Iris needed to make sure Eliza caught him red-handed.Eliza and Daniel drove Iris to the airport the following Monday so she could take an early flight home. Iris was disgusted to see Daniel being so romantic with Eliza.

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“You two go ahead and check-in,” he remarked when they arrived at the airport. “I’ll follow soon with your luggage, Iris.”Iris nodded, and Daniel departed. This was the first time she and Eliza had been alone since their wedding. Iris was tempted to tell her daughter everything, but she decided to keep with her plan. Daniel arrived with her bags, and Iris hugged Eliza farewell before proceeding to the boarding lounge. About 15 minutes later, she hailed a cab and returned to Eliza’s house.

Iris knew Melissa and Daniel would meet after Eliza left to work, so she planned to capture them red-handed. When Iris arrived at Eliza’s house, she noticed Melissa’s silver sedan parked in the driveway. Iris brushed her fingers against the sedan’s hood and felt the engine still warm.This was the perfect opportunity to put her plan into action, so she swiftly called Eliza.

“Sweetie, my flight was canceled,” Iris informed her daughter. “I hailed a taxi to your location…I’m feeling really dizzy; could you please meet me at your house?” “Oh, God, Mother! I’m busy with something, so don’t worry. I’ll phone Daniel and ask him to help you, okay?” “No, do not call him. “I need you to come here…please, it’s important.” Eliza sighed. “Fine…I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“Please make it quick,” Iris said before hanging up and creeping up to the window.Iris stared through the glass pane and noticed nothing unusual at first. The door swung open, and Daniel and Melissa entered the room, kissing each other. He set her down, and the two began making out on the couch. Iris looked down the street, but there was still no sign of Eliza. She peered through the window and soon glanced aside, disgusted, when she observed how things had heated up between Daniel and Melissa.

Iris moved away and stood on the curb, praying for her daughter to arrive soon. Five minutes later, Eliza pulled up.”Mom, are you okay?” Eliza approached Iris.”No, I am not.” Your hubby and that Melissa. They’re in there, playing around on the sofa.” “WHAT?” Eliza was shocked. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I overheard them at your wedding. But I couldn’t do anything since I didn’t want to hurt your heart on such a great occasion.

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“Mom, you overheard what?” “They are having an affair…and have planned to swindle you and take half of your money when Daniel leaves you,” Iris explained as Eliza froze.”Daniel and Melissa?” Eliza’s breath shuddered. “He’s always been sweet and nice to me…how did I not have a clue about this affair?””They’re in there right now…” Iris pointed at the door. “I know it’s hard to believe…so why don’t you go see with your own eyes?”

Eliza nodded curtly and brushed away her tears. She marched angrily to the front door, with Iris following after her. They tiptoed into the living room. The sound of Daniel and Melissa laughing behind the couch resonated through the hallway. Eliza took a deep breath before emerging from behind.”What the hell’s going on here?” she shouted. Iris dashed in, but was taken aback by the sight before her astonished eyes.

It did not make any sense.Daniel and Melissa were in the midst of an intimate moment when she peeked through the window a few minutes earlier. But now they were sitting calmly on the sofa, as if nothing had happened. “Eliza? “What do you mean?” Daniel responded. “Melissa and I were talking about an upcoming meeting…”Didn’t I say I’d be working from home this week? “You LIAR!” Iris pointed at Daniel. “I saw the both of you doing ‘things’ on that sofa…you must’ve seen us coming and gotten dressed.”

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“Gotten dressed?” Melissa frowned. “Jesus…you think Daniel and I are having…an affair?” “Just shut up,” Eliza demanded. “My mother saw you two in the bathroom on our wedding day, and now you’re in our home. When we married, you insisted on dividing our possessions and money. And I now see why…Daniel, you married me for my money.”That’s not true!” Daniel refuted the allegations. “Being married requires sharing everything. Eliza, whatever I have is yours.

I am sorry your mother thinks I am so cheap…but she is mistaken. Melissa and I are friends and business partners. Nothing more, okay? “I assumed you knew…and trusted me.” “I did it, Daniel. But why would my mother lie to me? “I just…I don’t understand.” “Eliza, I love you…and I can prove it,” Daniel said her, taking her hand. He dug into his pocket and pulled out a bundle of keys.”See this?” He dropped the keys into Eliza’s hand.

“I completed the last payment for our new home yesterday. Melissa was here to help me come up with a surprise for you. But everything is ruined now.” “He’s lying, Eliza,” Iris argued as she saw Eliza raise the keys with quivering fingers. But Eliza did not appear to hear her mother. “You were going to surprise me?” she muttered, looking into Daniel’s eyes.

“Yes! I wanted to drive you there in a blindfold, stroll you over the lawn, and show you our dream home. But I suppose I’ll be remaining there alone now. There is no purpose in sharing my life with a lady who does not trust me.” Daniel took the keys from Eliza and stormed inside their bedroom.”Wait, you can’t just leave me like this,” Eliza said, running after Daniel. “I don’t doubt you…but I know Mom would never tell me something like this unless it’s true.

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“Daniel paused and glanced around. “I don’t know what your mother saw and heard. I’ve given you proof. If you still don’t trust me, I don’t think this marriage will last. “I trust you, which is why the thought of you cheating on me stings so deeply. “I love you, Daniel…” “I love you too,” Daniel replied. “You are my everything. I don’t understand what went wrong to lead you to believe such negative things about me.

If you honestly believe I have been disloyal to you, please tell me right now. I will pack my belongings and leave you…forever.” “I trust you! “Please forgive me.” Eliza hugged Daniel, and Iris could not believe what she was hearing and seeing.”Do you look at that?” Melissa informed Iris. “I don’t understand why you can’t just let your daughter be happy.” “How can you be so heartless…and deny the truth so easily?” Iris raged.

“Iris, you’re imagining things. Perhaps you should have your eyes tested. Iris’s heart pounded in her chest. It was simply too much for her. Her legs gave way as a dull agony swept over her chest. The last sound Iris heard was the piercing screech of ambulance sirens.Iris was brought to the hospital, where physicians informed her that she had suffered a heart attack.

“Mom, you scared me…””I’m glad you’re okay,” Eliza told Iris, hugging her.”I’ll feel a lot better if you tell me that you’ve kicked that fraudster and his mistress out of your life.” Eliza rolled her eyes. “Mom, please do not talk about my spouse like that. You’ve got things wrong about him…” “Awake up, Eliza. He’s only using you. All that nonsense about purchasing a house and threatening to leave you was his attempt to guilt-trip you into remaining.

“But it demonstrates he loves me. Why would he want me to stay if he only wanted my money?””Why don’t you check your prenup, Eliza?” Iris snapped. “Good Lord, how do I make you understand that your husband is a gold-digger?””Mom, stop this. I know you are watching out for me. But let’s not make assumptions and penalize Daniel for something he has never done. “Fine, then,” Iris responded. “If you don’t want to open your eyes and see the reality around you, then things are going to be different from now on.”

“What do you mean, Mom?” Iris grabbed her phone and dialed a number.”Hi, Mr. Simms…”I’m calling you about my will,” Iris informed her lawyer. “I need to make an urgent change. I’ve decided to leave all of my wealth and possessions to charity. My daughter, Eliza, will not inherit a dime. And I’d like you to freeze her bank account. Yes…immediately. “Thank you.””What?” Eliza stood stunned. “You can’t be serious, Mom.”

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“I apologize, Eliza, but you left me with no choice. I don’t want our family’s hard-earned money going to a gold-digger through you.” “Fine!” Eliza yelled. “If you’re going to cut me off, so be it. You no longer have a daughter, and I do not want to see you again.”The next two weeks were the most difficult for Iris. She underwent heart surgery and was discharged from the hospital after a lengthy recovery.

She felt quite lonely and attempted to call Eliza numerous times. But her daughter never responded, and Iris was sad. However, Iris never gave up on connecting with Eliza. She called and texted her on a daily basis.Iris was not shocked that there was no response. But one day, the doorbell rang. When Iris answered the door, she froze in surprise.”Eliza?!” Iris cried tears as a flood of emotions washed over her. “I’m so happy to see you, sweetie…”

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Eliza gazed at Iris with red, swollen eyes and she stopped talking. “It’s Daniel, isn’t it?” She threw her arms around Eliza’s shoulders and guided her inside “I apologize, Mom…””I should have listened to you,” Eliza wept. “You were right about him!” Iris hugged Eliza. She hated watching her daughter’s anguish, but was delighted she was finally free from that money-grubber. Danie

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