Mom of two places secret recorder in the house, checks it, then prohibits mother-in-law from seeing her children.

When some family members do not get along, problems can quickly develop. Unfortunately, this is particularly true for moms and daughters-in-law. It’s possible that the mother-in-law is having difficulty understanding that her son has his own family and that she is no longer the most important lady in his life.

One woman used the AITA subreddit to share her story. According to her, it all began when she married and her mother-in-law stated she would be moving in with her and her husband. Despite the woman’s objections, her husband was adamant about giving his mother access to their home.The MIL, who was resentful of the lady because she believed she had stolen her son, lacked limits. Among the others, she exploited her son at will.

At the time, the couple had two children: a two-year-old son and a six-month-old daughter. The girl was a pleasant person who rarely cried. She would frequently grin at her grandmother, but the woman noted that her mother-in-law never smiled back. It was as if she didn’t like the children either.The woman’s husband worked from home, but he was constantly on his computer, so when the woman got a part-time job, it was the MIL who looked after the children.

Later on, the mother noticed a significant change in her children’s behavior, but she was aware that speaking with her husband would not alter anything because he would simply disregard her findings. So she decided to install a camera in the house to ensure that her MIL treated the children appropriately.One day, while checking on the camera she had covertly hidden, the woman was surprised to hear her mother-in-law berating her for hours in front of her husband.

What was even more disturbing was how verbally abusive the MIL was to her children. She referred to them as pigs and monkeys, among others. The MIL continually informed the girl that she was disliked and unloved by everyone.

“She [spent] around 6 hours talking to my babies like that and verbally [abusing] them,” the woman claimed of her mother-in-law.She told her husband about it, and he chastised her for recording their intimate chats. “When I talked to my husband about what happened and made him listen to the audio, first he told me that I was out of limit and I was out of character to put a [recorder] in the house,” she said.

Furthermore, the husband claimed that his mother had a problem with her, not with the children. He defended her and attempted to excuse her behavior toward the children.Aside from what her husband believed, the woman made a definite decision not to allow her mother-in-law to be around her children if no other adult was around.

“[My husband] told me that I can be mad at his mother, but the kids are not mad at her, I am the one who has a problem with his mother but the kids don’t have any problem with her and [it’s] petty of me to not allow her to see the kids again,” the lady said. “He also said that I have to do the right thing, her mom is still the [kids’] grandmother, the kids must have a relationship with her and I have to let go.”

Two weeks after the incident, the MIL left to her own country, only to return six months later. The husband tried to persuade the woman to stay with them again, but she refused. The husband then resolved to find a separate place for his mother. The woman is still refusing to let her MIL be alone with her children, but she wonders whether she is being too harsh and should reconsider her stance.

The redditors rallied by her side and assured her that she was not in the wrong.In an additional post, the mother thanked everyone for taking the time to read her tale and offer their thoughts on the subject, and stated that she had not altered her mind about advocating for her children, regardless of the repercussions.

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