This pregnant woman lifts her shirt to reveal her protruding belly and shares the truth about rare pregnancy.

Pregnancy is difficult regardless of how many babies you are carrying, but it is especially difficult when you are trying to grow three infants in the same belly. This mother chose to get serious about pregnancy and carrying triplets by revealing her tummy to the world. Her Instagram account sheds light not only on multiples, but on pregnancy in general. Maria, 36, of Denmark, and her partner were taken aback when they discovered they were expecting triplets at 13 weeks gestation.

pregnant belly

This was especially surprising given that I already had a two-year-old boy at home. What surprised Maria about the pregnancy even more was how rapidly and large her tummy grew. She decided to start sharing her story on Instagram to shed attention on some of the hardships of pregnancy and having multiples. She published information on her feed about abrupt dizziness, dreadful nausea, pain and discomfort, and intense Braxton-hicks contractions (false labor pains).

“I ended up in the hospital last Friday and had to spend the night due to severe dizziness and nausea that knocked me unconscious for 6 hours straight. Fortunately, it had no effect on the babies, and I was well later that evening, but it was frightening. “I need to slow down and recognize the significant effort my body is putting in to produce three babies…”

She discussed the difficulties of being an effective mother to her son while still caring for her body and expanding babies. In some of her writings, she mentioned that she was concerned about how much difficult it would be to be present for her son after the infants arrived. “Trying to prepare soon-to-be big brother Mikael for what’s coming, but not sure how much he understands…” He turns two in August.

I already feel like I’m not as present for him as I should be because I’m constantly on the sofa, so I’m afraid about how things will be when the triplets arrive. Any useful tips out there?”In addition, she discussed her experience with pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP), a severe skin rash. This is a severely irritating skin rash that arises in the stretch marks during the final stages of pregnancy.

It occurs in around one out of every 150 pregnancies, but doctors still don’t know what causes it. While there are things you can do to control it, the sole treatment is to have your babies. “The itching got worse, and I suddenly got a rash all over my belly,” Maria posted on Instagram. “After visiting a dermatologist, it was discovered to be PUPPP (Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy).

A fancy phrase for a nasty itchy rash that has now extended to my arms and legs, with just one cure: delivery! GREAT. Thank you, body, for the extra gift. I officially feel sorry for myself. Are there any recommendations out there to keep me from scratching myself to death? (Although I try not to, sometimes…)” PUPPP typically starts in the third trimester of pregnancy, when the infant is growing the fastest.

It is especially frequent in first pregnancies and with multiples because the skin extends more. PUPPP begins in the stomach and spreads to the arms, legs, and backside in a matter of days. It appears like hives and frequently produces blisters. Parts of the rash eventually combine to form huge, red plaque-like regions.Some women are more susceptible to developing this rash than others.

As previously stated, you are more at risk during your first pregnancy or if you are carrying multiples. Risk factors for PUPPP include. A small variant of the rash may also be present at birth, but it poses no health risk and will resolve on its own. Typically, the rash will not reappear, although you may have a lesser variant of it in subsequent pregnancies.

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